How To Avoid Employment Scams

If you're out of work and funds are running low, just about any job might seem appealing to you. So it's important to be able to recognize employment scams so that you spend your time applying to legitimate jobs. Here are some tips help you recognize and avoid employment scams.

Step 1

Look for start-up fees. The first way to spot an employment scam is to look for jobs that require you to pay your employer. That seems a little backwards, doesn't it? Even if it seems like a reasonable amount for a potentially great career, avoid any job posting that requires you to fork over money from your own pocket in order to get the job. These jobs never work out.

Step 2

Check the Better Business Bureau. There are a lot of job-seekers out here who have dealt with employment scams before you. Luckily, they have also reported them to the BBB. Check the company name on the BBB website to ensure that it is a legitimate workplace. You may also want to search the company name on the internet to see if it has ever gone by another company name, and look up both of the names with the BBB. You can never be too cautious when seeking out employment scams.

Step 3

Be wary of ‘too-good-to-be-true' jobs. You should also avoid any job posting that claims to bring you riches with little or no effort on your part. If this were possible, wouldn't everyone be doing it? If the employment ad claims how great the job will be, it's likely a scam. If it mentions ridiculous wages, it's a scam. And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers just want to entice you with an appealing job ad, but they have no intention of giving you the job or returning any of the money you invested to you. Avoid all employment opportunities that give you a gut feeling that someone is awry.

Step 4

Look for names and addresses. Employment scam artists don't want to get caught, so they will rarely include a real name and address. You can check on the legitimacy of an employment ad by looking into the contact information provided. Look online to see where the area code is for. Often, scammers will be situated in foreign countries. And don't believe addresses that only contain post office boxes either. Look for a street name and address, and confirm the address through an online search.

Step 5

Look at the email address. A quick way to assess whether a job is real or fake is to look at the reply email address. If it's from a free provider, like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, chances are it's an employment scam. Don't reply or send any money to someone offering your employment if the email address seems too anonymous.


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