How To Avoid Office Gossip

How does an individual avoid office gossip?  It is a very difficult thing to do, because gossip is everywhere you go.  Gossip is at the restaurant, at school, in the bank, or in your office. Gossip is extremely bad in an office environment, because the people are in such close quarters with one another.  However, even though there is an immense amount of gossip going around the office, there are ways to avoid office gossip, which can either be about yourself or others.

An individual can take several steps to not be the center of the next office gossip mill.  A few of these steps are as follows. 

By all means, do not sleep around with everybody in the office.  This is a sure way to get the office gossip started.  Other subtle things can also be done.  These include dressing appropriately and not being to friendly.  Furthermore, it is vital that you do not complain about everything that is going wrong in the office to everybody you see.  Instead, go directly to your supervisor and talk to him or her in a professional manner.  Finally, never use your office computer or e-mail address for anything other than work related needs.  If you do, you never know what will get out about you because you do not know who may be watching your computer.

Just as there are several ways for you to avoid being the subject of gossip, there are also several ways for you to avoid getting wrapped up in gossip about other people. First, if you do find something about somebody, keep it to yourself.  Just because you know something, does not mean that you have to tell somebody.  If somebody does tell you something, you do not have to join in on the gossip provide.  You can either politely tell them that you do not want to be a part of this, or you can simply not provide any feedback.  Furthermore, never agree with what another individual is saying or agree with them.

Other than actively disagreeing or staying neutral when it comes to office gossip, there is another way to avoid it.  You can avoid the office gossip by acting busy.  There are several different ways for an individual to act busy.  He or she can open an old file and begin to type, or he or she can begin to organize their desk and/or papers.

It is very important to avoid office gossip for several reasons.  These reasons fall under two categories, which are to protect others and to protect themselves.  By avoiding office gossip, one can spare another person's feelings.  Furthermore, the can position themselves in a manner that allows for him or her to be considered for a promotion and/or raise.


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