How To Avoid Office Gossip Traps

Gossips in the office are somewhat inevitable. Just like you can count on Mondays to be a drag, you can be certain that every office has its own gossipers and a set of gossips circling the office area. These things usually start from normal everyday conversations making it hard to stop.

Gossips may seem harmless and petty at times, but every boss in every office should pay attention to them. They could cause varying levels of negative impact to the work output of the employees and even affect their personal lives. There are a lot of serious situations and cases that can start from simple gossips. In order to avoid these office gossip traps, here are some things that you can do:

Be Professional. Being professional at all times means doing your work proficiently and avoiding talking about personal stuff. Be neutral on topics that have nothing to do with work. If you have to say something, think about it first before actually speaking up. A lot of gossips start with a basic slip of the tongue from someone who isn't thinking carefully before saying something.

Refuse to listen. It is in human nature to know about how other people live their lives. A lot of those reality shows aired on television are based on this fact. It is very tempting and sometimes people just can't help themselves. Learn to refuse from this habit and try to avoid it entirely. This could mean avoiding the people who are known gossipers.

Choose your crowd. Since it is rather tempting to listen to gossips at the office, it is best to choose the people you hang out with or eat with during breaks. Find the people in your office who don't gossip that much if not at all. They will set a good example for you and will help you break the habit easier.

Draw the line. There are situations wherein not listening to gossips or even avoiding them is not enough. Things could escalate from gossip into a lawsuit or someone might lose his or her job in a flash. Sometimes the victim wouldn't even know what the cause of his or her misfortune was. If people in your office are going too far, try to remind them that they could potentially harm another just by gossiping. Remind them also that they are in the office premises in the first place, and that the office is not a place for gossiping. Hopefully this will stop them from gossiping, but if they do not listen to you and still continue what they're doing, it may be the time to involve or inform your manager or supervisor about the situation.

A lot of gossipers do what they do because of insecurity. They think that by telling negative issues or things about other people, they are putting themselves in a higher position than the ones they're talking bad about. They crave for attention and try to get it at the expense of other people who have done them no harm. Gossiping is often a two-way type of communication, so if no one is listening or paying attention to gossips, then eventually the gossipers themselves will stop.


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