How To Avoid the Evil Eye

The evil eye is a long, envious look or stare that is believed to cause misfortune, bad luck, or sickness to the subject of the gaze. The subject can be a person, property, or object. In many cultures, for instance, if a child is stared at and excessively praised, the child will immediately feel sick. The evil eye can also cause bareness in fruit trees, impotence in men, and lactation difficulties in nursing mothers. Although usually given unintentionally, the evil eye can be damaging. Different cultures have several aversion methods, but here are some of the most practical ways to avoid the evil eye.

  • Refrain from flaunting your good fortune. Remember that the evil eye is given by a person who harbors jealousy and envy. So if you flamboyantly expose your good fortune—cars, jewelry, or any kind of property—you might invite envy into people’s hearts, making them susceptible to giving the evil eye. Make sure to practice modesty in everything. This keeps people from being envious of you  and protects you from the evil eye.
  • Make the protective hand gestures. There are many hand gestures that are used to avert the evil eye, two of which originated in Italy. These are the mano cornuto and the mano fico. The mano cornuto, also called horned hand, is done by pressing down the middle and ring fingers by the thumb, while the index and small fingers stick out. Mano cornuto is similar to the hand gesture of Spider Man when he is releasing spider webs. On the other hand, mano fico, or fig hand, is done by slipping the thumb in between the middle and index fingers. The mano fico is associated with sex, and so experts say that when doing the mano fico, you will plant sexual desire to the evil eye, distracting it from throwing misfortune at you. To protect yourself, you need to do these hand gestures after you are given the evil eye.
  • Use amulets. The most common amulet used today is the wool string tied around the wrist. It is should be in red, because red is believed to be effective in averting the evil eye. But aside from this, there are several amulets and charms you can use for your protection. An example is the hand-eye charm that can be hung in homes.
  • Flee from the evil eye. If you feel that someone is giving you an evil eye or is looking at you enviously, it will be best if you immediately walk away from that person. Do this courteously, though. Excuse yourself and stay out of that person’s sight.
  • Behave in a socially acceptable manner. In all instances, remember to conduct yourself in a way that will not attract the evil eye. Guard your speech and watch your actions. Anything that might attract an evil eye must be avoided, because you don’t know when you will encounter someone who will take your fortunes as an object of envy.

The evil eye is a superstitious belief that transcends many generations, cultures, and locations. But although everyone does not believe it, it doesn’t hurt to avoid it.


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