How To Be a Bouncer at a Strip Club

A strip bar is a good place for a group of guys to hang out in for a late night after a hard day’s work or just before somebody in your clique gets married and does the big “I do”.  However, if any recent events and general world history could ever warn us of potential dangerous situations, it’s absolutely not the safest of environments to have red-blooded males in a drunken frenzy over scantily clad and sometimes nude women. If you’re a bouncer at a strip club, you definitely have your work cut out for you.

As a bouncer, your role is to make sure that everybody continues to have a good time. Here’s how you do it:

  1. You may be assigned in different parts of the establishment. If you’re asked to man the gate, you have to make sure that no contraband enters the building. Most strip bars would have a sign outside that prohibits the bringing of fire arms and other deadly weapons into the bar. Do a thorough frisking and use your metal detector to check for banned items such as guns and knives.
  2. If a person who wishes to enter the bar looks way too young to meet the age requirements (usually 18 to 21 depending on where you work), ask for an ID. Most bars would have a no ID, no entry policy for people whose ages might be suspicious. Be on the lookout for people who are using fake identification cards. Your establishment can get into trouble with the law if you allow minors in so always be on the safe side when dealing with this potentially messy issue.
  3. If you’re assigned on the floor, you have to make sure of two things – one, that all the women are being treated properly (no touching from the patrons) and two, that no one is doing something very distracting to the point that it is keeping other people from having a good time.
  4. If somebody seems to be crossing the line, approach the person and tell him that he can’t do what he’s doing. Do not be confrontational but appear to be confident and serious with your warning. Most of the patrons in a strip bar are already drunk so they have extra amounts of courage to expend.
  5. If something gets out of hand, immediately jump into action and neutralize the people who need to be taken out of the establishment. Do not use more force that necessary – just make sure that the assailant will no longer pose a threat to other people or the enjoyment of other customers.
  6. Always have an open ear for customers who may be asking for assistance for something. Always consult your manager or supervisors regarding rule changes and modifications in the strip bar’s policy.

Being a bouncer in a usually raucous place like a strip club can be very challenging, but somebody has to do it.


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