How To Be a Cocktail Waitress

Do you want to bag the next Tiger Woods in a sizzling love affair? There is more to being a cocktail waitress than meets the eye. Transforming from ordinary day job worker (or freelancer) into a cocktail waitress involves a great change for you, but it is not really that impossible. This is one of the few jobs where flirting is part of the job and brings in a lot of money. Here are the steps into becoming the alluring cocktail waitress that even golf tycoons will drool over:

  1. Pamper your skin. This is vital even during the short-listing process. Believe it or not, the standards for cocktail waitress positions rival the rigorous requirements of flight stewardesses. Pamper your skin, take care of your pearly whites and keep your crowning glory immaculately glamorous from roots to tips. This will make you very suitable for the job.
  2. Maintain your physical form. Proportion is valuable in this career, though some people will not consider this a career for themselves. You need to be able to attract by means of a very symmetric, womanly form. Stick thin types are okay for the job, but usually the one who gets a lot of tips are the ones with fuller physical assets.
  3. Enhance your social skills, especially your conversing skills. Your socialization skills will help you have patrons or loyal customers who can keep coming back and give generous tips. Your social skills (especially the way you talk and carry yourself) will help you meet people and generate an interesting aura. 
  4. Prepare to multi-task. Expect a massive multi-tasking night ahead of you on each shift. You will be expected to deliver a lot of outputs for far less amounts of time. Do find ways to be personally efficient. Familiarize yourself with the facilities and menu items.
  5. Get used to skimpy outfits worn publicly. This is deal breaker for some women. If you really want this job, you need to be sexy and dress sexy.
  6. Sell your drinks with aplomb. Familiarize yourself with the drinks being offered. Match the drink with the personalities you encounter. Your customers sometimes know what they want; yet others occasionally appreciate your own inputs.
  7. Genuinely enjoy what you are doing. For a very positive perspective on cocktail waitressing, try to check out Pop Culture Casualty and see her insights on the job. It matters little if people think ill of you for your decision to take on this job. What matters is that you stay fulfilled and you see yourself doing it for the long-term.
  8. Adjust to the nightlife. Night shift work involves taking more vitamins and getting to sleep during the day. Adjust for at least 3 weeks on the job so that you will be able to concentrate and amuse your customers without taxing yourself.
  9. Train with the required skills. Your skills include garnishing cocktail drinks, entertaining customers, up selling, working with your team at the bar and many others. These skills are sometimes available during actual practice.


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