How To Be a Good Boss

So, you have just been promoted to a position that is much more important than your previous one. It seems that this new position you are taking will entail leading your rag tag group into achieving the goals set for you by upper management. But if you have not experienced being a boss yet, how can you even manage your employees well? Well, it’s not that tough to be a boss and a good one at that. Here are some tips on how you can win the hearts of your employees and achieve the goals set for you by the person or group that promoted you.

  • Be a role model. A good boss is always a good role model. This means that if you want your employees to follow suit, then you need to show them how it should be done. This will entail you working harder as ever before. Remember, the people below you will find time to scrutinize your work ethic and the other traits you will exhibit in the office. Don’t let them find loopholes in your whole agenda. For instance, make sure that you are the earliest to arrive and last to leave the office. If your employees see this, they may take the cue and follow suit. This is a simple but effective way to earn the respect of your employees and getting them to do what you want them do. They will follow by example.
  • Nurture and care for your employees. Technically, as the boss, you will need to be strict and straight. This is the traditional and effective way of doing things. However, it does not mean that you shouldn’t care and watch out for you employees. Remember, these people will do the dirty work for you. Your reputation and image with upper management or whoever is above you will depend on the performance of each and every individual under you. If you do not care and nurture your employees and leave them to rot while you gain all the glory, they will rebel against you and make you look extremely weak to your superiors. This being said, make sure to make time to speak to your employees on a personal level and get to know their needs, motivation, and who they are. Use this information to create opportunities for them to excel and make sure that when they achieve something for you that you give them credit in front of your team and to your superiors.
  • Be strict but fair. Most of the time, employees begin to hate their boss when he begins to favor one employee over another. Favoritism is actually a common thing in the workplace. Let’s face it, some employees will be better than others and some employees may kiss the bosses butt better than others. It is common for you to fall for the people you like but if you want to be a great boss, it is important for you to be fair with the employees under you. Be strict with your rules and guidelines but be fair when enforcing them. If an employee makes a mistake, don’t rush to reprimand them. Get the truth and hear them out first before you act. Who knows, something better may come out of it.

Finally, being a good boss will involve riding your employees hard and partying with your employees harder on occasion. Employees will appreciate a boss that will have fun with them when the time for work is over. They will appreciate a boss more if congratulates their effort with a nice party as well. Be the great boss you can be by doing what is right for both the company and your employees.


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