How To Be a Good Leader or Boss

Being the boss means to be externally at the top. So many people envy this precious position so much that they tend to be overly critical of the leader’s performance, not knowing his difficulties, struggles and sacrifices which oftentimes remain off the record and unappreciated. Being a boss in the truest sense requires grave responsibility. Since your will isn’t absolute, expect that there will be people who will disagree with you. Although being a leader will naturally make you disliked and disrespected behind your back, keep it your point to succeed in fulfilling your responsibilities and disregard any personal issues such as backbiting from your constituents. Here’s how to be a good leader or boss.

  • Find a bona fide adviser. Generally, leaders should have a bona fide adviser who will direct them on how to do things properly. It doesn’t mean that once you are a leader, you should know everything. You are not perfect in all aspects. To have an adviser who views things on a broader scale or is much more expert than yourself should be the treasure of every leader. The leader who humbles himself and admits that he is imperfect inquires from a person more intelligent than himself for the benefit of the majority, and not of his own false-prestige.
  • Know your people’s situation and condition. Have time to go to their areas and personally get to know them somehow. A good leader doesn’t always sit on his throne or keep isolation in the comfort of his office, not having any idea what is happening behind closed doors. An ancient Indian story goes of a prominent king who would disguise himself as a low-class citizen or a beggar at night and associate with the people who lived as illegal squatters. He would talk to them incognito and, in this way, the poorest of people were not intimidated and would openly tell him their problems, whims, and plans. During daytime, he would introspect and take action in balancing everything for everyone’s advantage. In this way, a true leader would know how to delegate responsibilities and what solution is best for everyone.
  • Humility is a necessity. Once arrogance is the dominant trait, you can never truly listen and know what to do accordingly. If other people have a better idea or solution, you must take off all pride and listen up. Humbly listening will create good communication and relations.
  • As a leader, you are privileged to advice, direct, encourage, criticize and correct people. Give constructive, not destructive, criticism. A good leader chastises his people’s work out of love, to mold them into better persons, and not out of envy or hate. Sometimes love is tough.
  • Teach them how to do things properly but don’t be a dictator. The leader is in the position of making commands. Be sure to deliver each command in a way that they will clearly understand and without making them feel degraded to the point of an inferiority complex. Kindly and respectfully make them see the problems that may arise upon not following instructions properly. An abuse of position and power is always disastrous. The people should be serving out of love and respect, and never out of hate, fear or agony. This system works better in achieving goals.
  • Share goals. Tell them transparently your plans and aspirations for the entire populace. Tell them that, with cooperation and proper coordination with each and every one and having a fixed goal and the right consciousness, you can help each other in making these a reality.

Most importantly, before you become a good leader, you must be a good follower first. Be a great leader and set an example to everyone under your care.


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