How To Be a Good Project Assistant in Construction

Project assistants are tasked with coordinating projects in the construction company, and making sure that all of the tasks needed for carrying out the construction project are done. The role of the project assistant is essentially an administrative one. Here’s how you can be a good project assistant.

  • Familiarization. First of all, make sure that you know all of the basics about the company and the industry where you are working. This includes the types of deals that your company usually undertakes, the type of contracts that are usually made, the contractors that are usually hired, and even the language that is used. You also need to know company basics, such as the company philosophy, company goals, and company vision. This will help you calibrate and align the projects according to the ideals of the company and the industry.
  • Roles. Next, understand the roles that each of the players in a project have. For example, you should know what the project director does, what the contractors do, what the subcontractors handle, et cetera. Remember, as the project assistant you will be coordinating all of the various members of the project team together. You need to know the limits of each member’s role, so that people in the group do not encroach on each other. You also need to know what tasks are delegated to each member.
  • Learn the software tools. Because work as the project assistant is basically office work, you need to know the basic software tools needed to create the files and the documents for the project that you are working on. Not only should you know how to manipulate basic software tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, et cetera, but you should also know the various document forms. Keep copies of sales invoices, disbursement vouchers, et cetera. Also work on basic computer skills such as typing. Usually, you will need to have a typing speed of at least 45 words per minute.
  • Communication skills. Because you are coordinating the various members of the project team, communication skills is a must. You should be able to maintain a positive and upbeat mood even when the project is proving to be difficult. You should be able to resolve inter-personal problems between the members of the team. You should also be able to maintain good work relationships between everyone on the team.
  • Time management. Because the project assistant is basically a supervisory role, you need to have perfect time management. This is very important because you are not only managing your own schedules, but you are also tasked with ensuring that the project itself has a timeline for completion, and that the timeline is met. Make sure that you hold updates and checkup meetings if needed to ensure that the project is finished on time.

Finally, learn how to prioritize the tasks that you are charged with. There are many tasks in any given project, but not all tasks are as important as others. You need to know which tasks must be done first, and which tasks can be delegated for a later time.


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