How To Be a Good Receptionist

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Being a good receptionist does not end in pointing out to a customer or guest where to sit and where to wait. The duties of a receptionist may at times be limited to such actions, but if you want to be a good receptionist you should know how to show a guest where to proceed in the most gracious and respectful manner. Take note that a receptionist is the first person an officer or a guest meets upon entering your office. This person is the one who will set the tone for the office. You will either drive away potential clients or draw in more clients. There are certain steps you may consider if you want to be a good receptionist.

  1. Don’t gossip. Upon entering your duties and workplace, your job immediately starts. If someone sees you gossiping, this might be a big turn off for a potential client that enters your office. This will make them think that they are also being talked about behind their backs and will be embarrassed to come back in the office. Hence, the potential client that will bring good business to the company is lost.
  2. Answer the phone with warmth. Some offices lose their clients because of the recorded voicemail that is now becoming a trend in the business. A traditional client will want someone to attend to him with the proper courtesy and respect. Answer the phone with a smile. You must be able to show this smile even though you are just talking over the phone. Your tone of voice and inflections are usually the indication of what you feel.
  3. Be a buffer zone for your co-workers. This basically means that you act as someone who keeps track of whether any of the other staff is busy with a particular person or work. This is to avoid any last minute butt-ins for them that will delay their work and probably delay the progress of the entire office. Know when to act as a buffer, politely explain to a customer that the said staff cannot be disturbed or is in a meeting with another client. Be honest if possible, if not give a white lie that will benefit all of you.
  4. Bring in clients. You as the first person the client meets must be able to sell something to him. If the client is being asked to wait, sell as much products or service. Keep your table filled with brochures of the company’s products and services. Any additional condiments like coffee and candies must be easily within reach so you can offer it to them while waiting comfortably.

The position of a receptionist is often the least trained function in an office. This position has often been overlooked by the Human Resources Department as a minimal area of consideration when hiring professionals. However, the position requires more than just a pretty face nowadays.


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