How To Be a Good Waiter

Being a good waiter does not necessarily mean just getting an order and delivering it to your customers. In simple terms, a waiter is defined as a person who attends to customer needs and basically involves serving a table in a restaurant. Some Third World countries may find the job a demeaning one that is often associated with people who are less in the brain area and possibly in education and are seen as unfit for higher educated positions. But as a waiter, this does not necessarily mean that you have to work at a far lesser quality than those in higher positions. There are three basic areas a person in this industry should consider in order to becoming a good waiter.

1.    Knowledge about the menu. This area basically deals with the complete knowledge about the menu that is being served. Have you noticed that some customers always take the time to question you about a dish?  Make it a point to always know what the dish is. Be informative on the ingredients and condiments associated with it so that you can properly advice the customer of their orders. It might contain an ingredient that the customer will be allergic to. In some sense, you must gather the primary information about the food. If you are however unsure on how to answer a question, never ever make an assumption. Always confirm the data with the cook or chef. The confirmation is not to make you ignorant but rather it will make you look concerned about your customer’s welfare.

2.    The kitchen is the waiter’s friend. As a good waiter you must be able to realize that everything that happens in the restaurant depends on what is going on in the kitchen. Make a point to that if you do go back and forth to the kitchen you must consider three things:

  • You should bring something from the kitchen to the customer.
  • In going to the kitchen you bring information about what the customer wants and need.
  • Last, you need to bring something back from a table to the kitchen.

3.    Customer service and courtesy. This area is perhaps the most effective way to become a good waiter. Always remember the saying, “the customer is always right.”  By keeping this in mind you are already developing a proper attitude when facing your customers.

  • Be friendly. Courtesy starts with the fact that customers see you as someone who is approachable.
  • Acknowledge the customers. Sometimes even though you might be already attending to a customer, another might try to get your attention. As much as possible show a sign of acknowledgement that you heard or noticed the customer and that you will be with him shortly.
  • Limit your facial expressions. If you happen to dislike a customer, create a poker face. Never show too much expression to the customer whether you like him or not.

Becoming a waiter is no easy task, becoming a good waiter is even a harder task. It all depends on you on how to approach your customers. Becoming a good waiter includes skills, knowledge and diligence.


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