How To Be a Great Receptionist

The receptionist is one of the underappreciated but very important workers in the office. The first person that a potential client will meet is the receptionist, and the receptionist is responsible for creating a charming and professional ambience in the office. If you are working as a receptionist, here’s how you can work as effectively as possible.

  • Smile. Whether you admit it or not, smiling is actually a part of your job description as the receptionist. Just as the customer service representative is tasked to make the client feel welcome and assured, you are tasked with making the clients feel at home and at ease in the office. You should always make sure that you greet each client with a good handshake and a smile. The last thing that you want is to turn away your client just because you look unpleasant or rude. Remember, almost all offices and industries are very competitive today. There is no room for you to look snobby, unless you are sure that the clients have no other option than to get services from the office where you work from.
  • Dress. Also make sure that you present yourself respectably at the office. This can be done by choosing appropriate clothes. You do not have to wear very expensive clothing, and you do not have to look like a supermodel when you go to work. You need to look decent and professional, however. Choose clothes that are good for the office, but which are comfortable and flattering for your figure and your face.
  • Voice. Answering the phone is another task for the receptionist. Although the person at the other end of the line will not be able to see you, you should actually smile as you answer the telephone. Smiling while you speak will make your voice seem much more upbeat and bright, which is something that the person at the other end of the line will be able to appreciate. Also make sure that you greet the caller with courtesy and respect.
  • Grace. Some of the biggest challenges that you will face while working as a receptionist are the clients who are impatient or downright rude. These cannot be avoided. No matter how rude the clients may be, however, remember that they are still clients and they are still the people who pay the bills in the office at the end of the day – including the pay that you receive. As such, you need to learn how to deal and interact with such people with grace.
  • Listen. Finally, work on your listening skills. As the receptionist, you will be talking with many clients and you will be referring them to the professionals who are working in the office. You need to know what their problems are so that you will be able to refer them to the correct specialist. When listening, make sure that you take down notes so that you will be able to relay the information to your superiors without missing some crucial details.

With these steps, you should be able to work as an effective receptionist.


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