How To Be a Great Team Player

The ability to get along well with groups of individuals is not an easy task for some. Not all people have the ability to function well in a team setting, and some even find it quite difficult to do so. In order for you to be a good team player, you have to acquire some traits that you need to develop (if you don’t have them yet) and hone so that you can become a really great team player. This will help make you an asset to any team and someone that other people would like to work together with to achieve common goals.

Below are 5 traits you should practice or acquire so you can be a good team player.

  1. Be a good listener. Project managers or team leaders are always on the lookout for people who can listen well so that goals are always relayed clearly and understood properly making tasks, projects or assignments a lot easier because they’re understood well. To be a good team player, you should exhibit the trait of a good listener. Respect and listen to other’s views, opinions and strategies because a good team player knows how to be mindful of other people’s view on things.
  2. Show cooperation rather than competition. Good team players don’t compete with other members of their team but rather work together with other people to achieve a common goal. Not to say that competition is bad but a great team player should be more concerned about achieving a team goal rather than on his own individual goals.
  3. Be adaptable and flexible. Being flexible is important if you want to be a good team player. When working with a team or playing with a team you have to understand that you’re not dealing with only a single person but rather with a group of people with diverse characters. You should be ready to adapt to any person and to any situation.
  4. Have a positive outlook towards life. To become a successful team player, you should be a person that others would love to be around with. If you have a positive outlook on life and exude positive vibes, people normally would love to work or play alongside with you fostering a better environment for great teamwork.
  5. Meet deadlines and do your part really well. If you understand the importance of your task or part in work or play then you are contributing to good teamwork and to the accomplishment of your team’s goals. When working or playing in a team, understand that you are a part of a whole and thereby your part in the whole is very crucial to the achievement of team goals.

To succeed at being a great team player, you have to understand and see the greater picture and be more concerned with achieving team goals and not your own personal ones.


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