How To Be a Hollywood Actress

To be an actress is not easy task to begin with.  To be an actress in Hollywood would be harder.  With so many aspiring stars living in California, very few make it to the top.  But that doesn't mean it’s impossible.  With the right frame of mind, gallons of patience and a steely determination, you can better your chances in becoming a Hollywood actress.  Here are some helpful tips to be one.

  1. If being an actress is a dream you've always wanted, start as early as possible.  Join in acting classes, participate in school and community theaters and take up drama lessons.  Build your confidence by having plenty of experiences on your belt.  Get used to performing in front of a crowd.  Think of ways to improve yourself by learning how to sing and dance.  Be articulate and if you can, learn a different language.  This might come in handy in the future.  Listen to your classes and speak intelligently in conversations.  Do not let yourself be stereotyped as a dumb actress.  Acquire the skill, not just the looks.
  2. Take care of your physical attributes by having the right diet, exercising regularly and obtaining the right amount of sleep.  Learn to discipline yourself.  Never choose the short route to a beautiful body and skin.  This is a training ground for you because once you stepped out onto the real world, temptation will be your constant companion.  It is the devil in disguise, offering you drugs, alcohol and the like.  Learn to love and value yourself.  It is the devil in disguise, offering you drugs, alcohol and the like.  Learn to love and value yourself.  Never lose focus on your goal.
  3. Once you think that you are fully prepared, move to Hollywood.  This will make it easier to go about your plans.  Find a full time job that can pay the rent.
  4. While working, start looking for an agent.  You can also do it on your own but having an agent can literally put your foot inside the door.  This will also save you some time since you can only spare for open calls and auditions in your already hectic schedule due to your job.
  5. When finding an agent, look at the yellow pages and browse through the list of casting agencies.  Make sure you update your resume, and include all your acting related experiences. You also need a close-up picture.  You will be submitting these to an agent.  Expect to have your picture taken in the agency so it is important that you dress smartly and stylishly.
  6. If you can afford to attend a professional acting class, enroll to one.  Or you can get an acting coach.  This will immensely improve your acting skills.  Just remember, don't try too hard.  Be natural.
  7. Start with insignificant roles and work your way up.  Like in any other businesses, take things slow.  Get the feel of the industry you're about to enter.  Familiarize yourself with what's happening around you.  Be friendly and polite.  Never forget your integrity.  Earn the respect of others and soon enough, your new found friends that respect and value you will refer you to countless of castings.

You have to realize that you have to work really hard to be a respectable actor.  Get noticed for your skills.  This will give you a long term path of success in Hollywood.


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