How To Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Not everyone who carries the title “Boss” carries the qualities of a good leader.  Being the boss can only help you practice the leadership skills expected of one who stands as head of the team. Leaders command respect with no effort at all. People tend to listen and follow with no questions asked when a leader says the word. Unfortunately for a number of “Bosses,” the rule does not apply. Obeying orders is done out of fear more than respect. It takes special leadership traits to motivate and inspire people to perform whatever tasks are required, with a happy heart.

If you are a boss who would want to be a good leader, a few suggestions could bring about positive results:

  • Develop a relationship with your employees where open communication is practiced. It is important to know your employees’ thoughts especially where the company’s objectives are concerned. You must also be able to communicate to them exactly what your company’s goals are and inspire them to reach those goals with you. Keeping communication lines open only establishes that you are one team with a common aim, working together towards that end.
  • Along with open lines of communication, keep each member of the team always involved in the company’s movements. Allow them to actively participate in solving problems, creating strategies, and decision making. You will always have the last say, but having your employees know that you do not take their suggestions for granted develops a good team spirit among your employees and keeps everyone motivated to perform their best for the good of the company.
  • Always treat your employees with fairness. There is no room for playing favorites in a team. Always give them what they rightfully deserve. Learn how to honor all your commitments to them so that you can earn their full trust. It is also necessary to know what their problems are, especially when it comes to work. Find out what the reasons are when an employee’s performance is deteriorating in any way, and try to help in resolving the problem. Always keep in mind that the people under you are vital in the growth of your company so you must make them feel important too.
  • A good leader must set good examples for his followers emulate. Practice what you preach. Be punctual. Work with a passion. Keep your employees inspired by the way you exert effort to keep your business running as smoothly as possible.  There is no way an employee would not perform his best if he sees his boss doing the best he can to achieve success.

The most important thing to remember is that you, as a leader, must respect your followers if you would want to be respected in return. Being the boss does not mean that you are the only one who can demand this. Respect can never be demanded. It is earned. Fear must never be mistaken as a sign of respect. This is probably something that separates being a leader from simply being a boss. Ultimately, a good leader can expect positive results from everyone he inspires. Practicing good leadership skills is the most effective way to accomplish any given task, with flying colors.


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