How To Be a Male Nurse

Nursing as a profession has really been dominated by women and fostered by the fact that women tend to have a more caring bedside manner than men, but we are now in the 20th century and men have been breaking slowly into this profession in the same manner as how women are gaining entrance into male dominated professions. It’s everyone’s game now and this is indeed a milestone for civilization.

It’s not easy to be a male nurse, largely owing to the fact that nursing has always been thought of as a woman’s job, but nowadays men are also gaining ground here, especially in cases where heavy lifting is required – this is where most male nurses are much appreciated.

So how do you become a good male nurse? Below are some steps that you can take so you could be a male nurse.

  1. Be aware of the male nursing history. Men are no strangers to the profession. There have been male nurses ever since 250 BC. Although nursing is now a female dominated profession, the first ever nurses were actually men who studied in the world’s first nursing school set up in India.
  2. Choose your nursing school well and don’t just choose a prestigious school off the rack. Make an informed choice when enrolling in any nursing school. Check to see if the school is progressive in its approach towards male nursing and if they are very supportive of men nurses in general. If they have male nursing teachers and male students then it indicates that the school is quite open and supportive about male nurses. Ask the admissions staff about the attitude of the hospitals that they use for their clinical rotations and check if these hospitals are receptive to male nurses as they are to female ones.
  3. If you’re already doing clinical rotations and you’ve been experiencing discrimination because of the fact that you’re a male nurse, then be sure to inform your school’s nursing faculty about the challenges that you’ve been encountering. It doesn’t help to just keep quiet about it.
  4. As a male nurse, make some adjustments about how you can relate to other people. Being a nurse means that you should be caring about the people around you especially your patients because that is essentially what it means. A nurse is a caregiver so become a good one. Be sensitive to your patient’s needs and you’ll be doing your job well.
  5. Take some time to review all the specialties there are in nursing. Some areas are better for men. Usually, health concerns of women are handled best by women, but there are other nursing areas that might be more enjoyable for a man. You could try being an OR nurse, an ICU nurse, etc. Nursing has so many areas open to qualified nursing staff.
  6. Be very professional in all your dealings with your patients. Most of the time, patients just want someone qualified and don’t take gender into consideration. A qualified male nurse is a good choice so be professional and do your job well. This way, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Becoming a male nurse might seem very challenging but remember that you just need to do your job well for you to become effective as a nurse. After all, male nurses were the first ever nurses in history.


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