How To Be a More Productive Employee

You are required to deliver good results your company can make use of when you are in their employ. After all, they are paying you to do your job, so you must do it well. But becoming a productive employee is something you should become, not for anything else, but for personal growth. The reward for being a productive individual provides greater satisfaction and boosts one’s self esteem. Improve your performance by making yourself more self-sufficient.

Follow these easy steps to becoming a productive employee:

  1. Being organized is the first step. Organize your daily task by listing them down. This way, you can properly keep track of your progress and prevent having to overlook something. Keeping a task list is very helpful in all aspects of work, be it a simple chore at home, or a big event for the company.
  2. Identify which of these tasks on your list should be given priority. The ones that are harder to do must be first on the agenda, while the easy ones could be in the bottom of the list.
  3. Never try to do several different tasks all at once, as this will defeat the purpose of your task list. Doing more than one task will also overwhelm you. Finish one task first before doing the next one. Cross off your list when you have finished something. Doing this will give you some sense of accomplishment. You will start feeling very proud of these little feats.
  4. Learn to distinguish between a distraction and a breather. A distraction is anything that will keep you from working on the task at hand and you must do away with this. On the other hand, a breather is a short break you must take to at least reset your mind and relax your muscles. Breathers are helpful at fueling your desire to finish the work. An unnecessary phone call, for instance, is a breather, if you take about five minutes to chat with a work mate. It becomes a distraction when it takes you an hour to get off the phone.
  5. Likewise, get rid of other distractions in your work area, such as a very cluttered desk, as this will keep you from your focus. If you have to disconnect yourself from people for a while, then do this by closing your door or turning off your mobile phone.
  6. Handle the task with flexibility. While you can be very organized with the way you work, there are some things that may go wrong and may be beyond your control. Be adaptable to this.
  7. Set deadlines for yourself so that you have the motivation to finish one task.
  8. When the next working day comes, do your list all over again and just add new tasks given to you for the day.

By doing this simple steps, not only would you become a productive employee, you would have also developed very good work ethics that you can apply anywhere.


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