How To Be a Personal Grocery Shopper

Having a personal grocery shopper isn't a luxury but a necessity when one is too busy to do this basic task, or is physically unavailable to do it for himself. Like with many heads of the family for instance, having a personal grocery shopper offers a convenience. He can provide the personal grocery shopper with the list of food and other items needed, then go back to work or spend more quality time with the family, all the while being assured that the fridge and pantry will be well stocked with fresh, nutritious food. Consequently, becoming a personal grocery shopper allows one to earn extra cash, with something that's not really difficult to do.

Here's what you must do to kick off your personal grocery shopping service:

  1. Find your clients. List yourself in want ads in newspapers, at community bulletin boards or online, such as Spend a few hours of the week giving away handouts that says you are offering this service. Check around the neighborhood and ask busy parents if they need any help with their grocery shopping. Get referrals from friends of families who may be in need of a personal shopper. Hang around at the grocery store and be bold enough to ask people.
  2. Once you have a client base to build on, arrange to meet with them and work out a schedule. A meeting with them will also help forge a better relationship. You must also discuss with them your rates, payment details and how often this job is expected from you. Don't forget to exchange details with your clients like phone numbers, emails and other pertinent information.
  3. If there are any other particular instructions, it would also be the best time to bring it up at the meeting. Do they want you to shop at a particular store? Are you also going to have to put away the food in their pantry yourself? Will you be given a list, or are you going to have a freehand?
  4. Get organized and keep a client data for all the details and instructions you have gathered. Additionally, you must also keep a good record of the purchases you have made, for accounting purposes. If needed, you have a file you can easily refer to.
  5. Invest in large containers that will hold your clients’ items during delivery, as this will come in handy when you have to service more than one family in one go.
  6. Once in a while offer your clients discounts and other bonuses for their continued patronage of your service. This will help improve your relationship with them for the better.

When you are doing a service like this for other people, also be prepared for other extra jobs they may be asking from you. This is especially true if you are helping out an elderly. They may try to ask you to change their light bulbs and run other errands. These incidents are actually unavoidable, but make sure to discuss this with your clients, as well.

Bottom line, nothing is more rewarding than being able to help out someone in very simple but significant ways like this.


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