How To Be a Professional Singer

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Singing professionally is a lot very different from singing as a hobby and in front of only family and friends. Making that big transition is not so easy for some. If you want to be a professional singer, you don’t just concern yourself with being able to sing well. You also have to come across as a very confident performer in front of a larger audience, most of them strangers. If you believe you have what it takes to be a professional singer in a very tough music industry, read on and consider these helpful tips.

  1. Assess your voice. The most important asset of a singer is a clear singing voice. Let’s face it. Anybody can sing, but not everybody is gifted with a good singing voice. You might be aware of it early on in your life if you started singing at a very young age, but there are some people who discover later on in life that they have the potential to be a singer. Perform in front of your friends and family and ask for their honest opinion. To cement your decision to turn professional, also consult a voice teacher or a professional singer, and ask for some feedback and critique. It’s better to establish right away if your singing voice is the kind of voice people will definitely want to listen to.
  2. Take formal voice lessons and training. If you’ve had voice lessons and training like having performed in a choir, school band, or singing competitions since you were younger, that’s a great help. Actually, it’s not a requirement. But if you haven’t had these opportunities before and you discover that you do have potential, enrolling in voice lessons could help you go a step ahead towards your goal. There are institutions and schools that offer not only voice lessons, but training in pop or classical singing, or a combination of both. You can choose to take a short lesson under a voice coach.
  3. Record a demo CD. Put your voice out there for the world to discover. Work with professionals in a studio, or collaborate with your friends and people you know who can help you put together a demo CD, and assist you with all the technical, editing, and promotional stuff. These people might also contribute ideas and tips which you can use.
  4. Join singing or band contests. Be on the lookout for singing contests. Listen to the radio and check TV commercials for announcements. Look at posters, flyers, and print ads for promotions. If you have a band, join a battle-of-the-bands event in both local and out-of-town schools and festivities. Gather all your courage and join TV show contests like American Idol and America’s Got Talent. Many new stars found fame and fortune by starting out as a singing contestant. This is also a great chance in helping you get used to performing in front a live audience.
  5. Try to audition for singing roles in TV, movies, or theatrical plays. Audition for singing roles whenever you come across one be it for a TV show, a movie, or a play. A bit part in a TV show or a movie where you get to sing just might get you started on projects and opportunities to show off your singing chops. Performing in theatricals or musical plays on the other hand, provides you with a solid, professional background. You’d get to meet diverse artists—singers and actors alike, and you’d be exposed to the world of stage performers. This experience is very helpful in boosting one’s self-confidence.
  6. Take as many opportunities to perform as you can. Sign up for singing gigs at cafes, clubs, or bars. Offer your services as a professional singer in formal events like weddings and private parties. Leave your business card whenever you perform in one place or event.
  7. Always look presentable. First impressions are crucial. To gain a loyal following and to keep the audience interested, you should always look your best. Look professional—dress appropriately and neatly. Don’t overdo your makeup, clothes, or costume. If you’re comfortable in what you wear, it will show, and you won’t have such a hard time concentrating on your performance.

Not everyone can be a professional singer. Granted that your singing voice already has potential, you should also concentrate on honing your skills as a performer. A professional singer should have confidence, a tough attitude, and enough creative skills to succeed in the music industry.


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