How To Be a Successful Independent Sales Rep

Independent sales representative

Challenge and unlimited possibilities—these are the advantages of being an independent sales rep. Challenge because you are competing against many other independent sales representatives. Unlimited possibilities because the more you work hard and the wiser your strategies are, the more income you will gain. Although beneficial, there are also drawbacks in being an independent sales representative like if you don’t work hard, you won’t get any commission. Plus, if you are still starting, you need to invest time and money until you get yourself all set.

But for as long as you keep your faith in your abilities, you surely can reach the top of your career. One day, your struggles will be over and you are finally a successful independent sales representative. Here are some tips to make your dream of being a successful sales representative come true:

  1. Be ready. Many newbie independent sales reps think that selling is easy. Sorry to break your fancy dream about being a sales representative, but dealing with this kind of job can be tough. In fact, before you start this, you should ask yourself if you can continue living two or three months without getting any commission. If you can’t, then better not continue your intention to be an independent sales representative. You see, being an independent player will require you to establish everything—from your network of possible customers to your reputation. But don’t worry because after three months, everything will be a lot easier than the months that you were just starting.
  2. Be an expert. Principals and even your customers expect you to be an expert or at least have a long experience in the field you are in. For instance, if you want to be an independent sales representative for a laptop manufacturer, then you should know how this thing works and what makes it better than other portable gadgets. You should know what is RAM, memory, motherboard, etc. and how all these stuffs help the laptop be superior to other options. Your knowledge, expertise, and experience will make you more reputable on your field. Earning respect from the principals and customers will be easy if you know what you are selling.
  3. Business plan. Principals will never be impressed of your resume. But they will be convinced to get you as one of their independent sales reps if you can show them an impressive business plan. How do you plan to market their products and what are your expectations from these strategies?
  4. Customer service. It’s not always the product that customers are buying from you but your customer service. Give your utmost service for the possible customers and if they are extremely satisfied about your performance, they will never think of getting product from other sales representatives. So, treat your customers well and they will return that satisfactory service with more commissions. Hey, it’s a good way to widen your network of customers, too, through word-of-mouth marketing and free referrals.
  5. Research. How will you know what marketing strategies will you use if you don’t do a research? A simple survey participated by about 50 respondents are enough to give you an almost accurate answer.

These tips are easier read than done. Your determination and patience are needed to fulfill the promise of these tips. So, continue to work hard and work wise. Don’t worry because whatever effort you do today, it will always be fruitful in the future. 


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