How To Be a Wedding Consultant

Weddings are among the most precious events in one's life. It is in this ceremony that two people who are in love formalize their intentions to live the rest of their lives with each other. Due to the solemnity and the groundbreaking nature of this event, some couples don't really want to get their hands dirty with the preparation, so some would hire wedding consultants and coordinators who take care of everything that needs to be done and thought about.

A wedding is a very complex event. Starting from the sending out of the invitations, the task only gets harder. After conceptualizing and distributing these invitations, you would then have to think about the other details that need to be taken care of. The dresses, the suits and the gowns would have to be in great condition before the wedding so the consultant will have to check from time to time with the tailors and designers. The next order of business would be the venue for the wedding. If it's going to be at a church, it is the task of the wedding consultant to schedule the ceremony and arrange with a minister, pastor or priest who will conduct the ritual.

This venue will have to be dressed up to the nines with the finest flowers and tapestries. And that's only half of the work. After the I do's have been said, the work becomes more focused towards the reception. The wedding consultant should be on top of the situation as far as the physical arrangement of the venue is concerned, along with the food, music and other entertainment that the couple has requested. This also includes the cake, souvenirs and photographs.

If this still doesn't faze you, you might just be cut out to be wedding consultant. You must be a very good multitasker and organizer if you want to be good in this business. People are literally putting on your shoulders the stress that they don't want to deal with, so the job can be very tedious and testy.

To be a good wedding consultant, you must be in the know in at least one of the critical wedding components. Certificates in fashion design, floral arts, business management, photography and other disciplines that have something to do with weddings would definitely help you grow your proficiency and talent.

Once you've acquired enough knowledge and experience, you need to build your network by getting to know the local florists, designers, caterers and bakers in the area. Your personal relationship and rapport with these people would help you become a better provider of services for your clients. You will have to work with them in concert to be able to produce what the client wants.

There are certifications offered by private organizations, but they don't really mean a lot in the real world. In this business, your name is made through referrals and how you show your professionalism. You would probably get a short acknowledgement at the reception as well, so make sure that you are presentable and sociable at all times.

Helping people celebrate their most memorable occasions can be a rewarding experience, more so if you have contributed to making it a very beautiful event as a wedding consultant.


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