How To Be an Airline Hostess

Widely known as a flight attendant, an airline hostess is responsible for the safety of passengers, flawlessly managing them by ensuring they are situated before take off and upon arrival and making certain that they are comfortable all throughout the flight.  It requires extensive training that you need to pass and you should undergo different levels of certifications and exams.  Truly, it is a demanding and tiring job.  But the benefits and salary are exemplary, it tallies your effort, making sure each employee is well taken cared of.  That is why many young women aspire to become an airline hostess.  Read on to learn more about how to become one.

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements.  There are certain guidelines that each airline requires to meet the company's standard criteria.  Since being an airline hostess is a front liner in the industry, perfect natural teeth are required so you can service with a dazzling smile.  You should also have flawless skin to match the crisp, knee-length uniform that is pleasant to the eye.  A certain height requirement is needed, not lower than 5 feet and 4 inches, to make sure you can reach the bunk headers in helping with the bags of passengers.  Each requirement has its own purpose that is in line with the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA.
  2. Contact any airline and check if they are hiring.  Once you've found one, you will be scheduled for an initial interview.  You have to dress professionally and smart.  Your hair should be tied up and your face should be clearly seen.  Apply make up using nude colors.  Make sure you answer truthfully and politely.  Always smile and be articulate. Show them your good communication and people skill.
  3. When you've passed the first interview, your height and skin will be checked.  A set of written, an extensive medical and strict swimming examinations will take place and you need to pass all this to go to the next level of interview.
  4. You will then go to a panel interview.  Be confident but not cocky.  Never cross your legs while sitting down and always make eye contact.  Once you have passed, you will be scheduled for a month of comprehensive training that includes safety and medical certifications, familiarization of an airplane, customer service and relations 101, work ethics and proper etiquette and rules and regulations of FAA.  By the end of the training, you should be able to know your airplane at the back of your hand, you should have certifications with safety and medical procedures, you have understood the strict guidelines of FAA and you should know how and when to act appropriately.
  5. You will then be given a schedule of you weekly flights.  If you do have preference about where you would want to go, do say so and see if they can accommodate it.

The application process is really tedious and you need to be fully prepared.  As long as you submit all requirements, you pass all tests and certifications and follow the rules, you are surely on your way in becoming the best airline hostess that you can ever be.


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