How To Be an AKC Dog Show Judge

The AKC or American Kennel Club promotes dogs that are pure and offers dog shows for each breed.  The dogs are judged by the way they conform on AKC standard guidelines.  Being an AKC dog show judge is not an easy job.  Becoming one is harder.  You need to have a long list of achievements, years of experience in dog breeding and training, and has a list of dog championships on the side.  You need to have a strong character and integrity since most shows are political.  Stand your ground and be firm with your decision.  Read on to learn more about how to become an AKC Dog judge.

  1. There is a list of requirements that you need to pass.  You need to have an experience of 12 years at least, of exhibiting your dog in conformation shows and have won 4 championships in the breed that you would want to judge.  You need to have bred 5 or more litters.  If however, you don’t meet these criteria, you need to have at least 25 exhibition and breeding experience and have won 5 championships combined in different breeds.
  2. Be a steward in 6 dog shows by AKC.  Your responsibilities is to guide and oversee the breeders and their dogs by giving out their numbers, organizing them in lines and making sure that everything is in place for the judges.
  3. Judge at 6 practice shows, or also called as sanctioned shows.  These are like regular shows except that the dog does not earn a title.
  4. You need to pass the examinations about dog breed and anatomy.
  5. A representative from AKC will then schedule you for interview. Focus on your experience in breeding, dog shows and show them how committed you are in producing pure bred dogs.
  6. Fill out the new judge application form.  Make sure you attach your examination results, screening interview and breeding history and shows.
  7. Once finished, you will be granted the provisional status.  This means you are to judge several shows while being observed closely by the representative from AKC from which they are judging as well.  Observe and take note how the other judges meticulously check and see each physical attributes, movement, attitude and behavior.
  8. Always make an effort to learn new things throughout your career.  Attend sponsored seminars, new breeding classes and you can also judge at different type of shows to add and build you confidence and expertise in the field.

Now that you know how to become an AKC dog show judge, you can prepare with the things that you need.  As long as you know the requirements and have dutifully met all of it, then you have high chances in getting in.  Always remember, love your dogs and you will truly love this job.  Be passionate in what you do and learn to decide in a logical and objective point of view, never subjective.  Stand your ground once you have come to a decision and do not be fazed with disappointed breeders and their friends who did not win.


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