How To Be an Escort

Escorting as a profession is a service where the escort serves as the client’s companion. The service may be for one day or evening, or it may be for the whole duration of the client’s vacation or trip. This is different from prostitution since escort services do not advertise or promote sexual services. While public perception of escort services relates to women giving sexual favors, it is possible to provide escort services without the necessity of having sex with the client. Take note of these tips if you want to know how to become an escort:

  1. Look for a reliable escort service agency. These are legal businesses that accept escorts and find clients for them. The escort agency is like any other man power agency that screens their applicants to make sure they only hire those that are not currently under any drug or alcohol influence, in good health and do not have any criminal records. Make sure you are qualified in terms of having a clean record. Also check whether an escort agency’s business is doing well. Make sure the company pays their taxes and is indeed legal.
  2. Check the laws of the state where you are going to work. In particular, check on laws on prostitution.  While some states forbid it outright, others allow it albeit with heavy regulation. Some clients will be asking for sexual favors, so you have to be careful on whether to get in a deal with the client or not. If you agree, make sure your client puts the payment in an envelope and leave it in a drawer or table top after your encounter. You may pick it up while your client is in the bathroom or is not around. This way, no actual money was passed on directly through your hands.
  3. Develop your speaking and conversational skills. Clients want a companion that is sensible and fun to be with. Always maintain a positive outlook, since not all clients may be as nice as you want them to be. Do not get too emotional and do not take things personally. It is best to focus on the client – talk about his interests. Do not reveal too much information about yourself as a precaution.
  4. Learn certain skills such as dancing, singing and giving massages. Your client may be going to a party so dancing and singing, depending on the occasion and the theme, might be the main activity. When your client wants to relax, he may most likely ask for a massage. Taking short courses on dancing and reflexology might help. Erotic massages will also come in handy in this profession.
  5. Work out and stay healthy. You need to be physically attractive and healthy for this kind of work, since escort agencies and clients look at your face and body first. Keep a good hygiene and keep your body healthy. If you give sexual favors, make sure you use protection and you go on regular visits to the doctor to check on sexually transmitted diseases and other health risks that you may be exposed to.
  6. Know when to say “no”. Just because you are being paid does not mean you can be abused. Be firm and learn some self defense skills just in case.


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