How To Be an Excellent Administrative Assistant

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Also known as a secretary for many years, an administrative assistant is a job that has always been taken for granted by many people.  You often assume that just because menial tasks are included in a job description automatically, the work of an administrative assistant is a no-brainer and unimportant part of the company.  Little do you know that this highly underrated job is responsible for making a business run as smoothly as possible, just like oil that greases up a fan to make it go round easily and quietly.  Without this, a manager's daily life at work will be difficult to maintain and soon, a chaotic environment full of cranky employees will take place. It turns out that this not so important job is essential for maintaining the company's efficiency.  Here are some helpful tips on how to become an excellent administrative assistant.

  1. Value your job.  Make sure you know and are aware of the demands and responsibilities that you are about to commit.  This includes doing tasks that may seem mundane, even insignificant like running errands, filing documents, answering phones, etc.  But rest assured it goes a long way with your boss.  Some people may think that your job is unimportant but do not take this personally.  Your boss needs you with so many things so focus on getting things done rather than listening to other people's judgment.  They will soon stop when they see how it matters to you and that you take pride in what you do.  Learn to respect your job. 
  2. Always be professional.  It is extremely necessary to apply this in every little thing that you do at work.  Avoid any conduct that will show inappropriate behavior like flirting, being late, talking incessantly on the phone about non-work things, drinking alcoholic beverages during office hours, etc.  Do not forget your work ethics.  Being unprofessional will make your boss look bad and that is the last thing you would want if you like to keep your job.
  3. Punctuality is important.  It is advisable that you arrive at work 30 minutes early.  This way, you can turn on the lights, the photocopy machine, etc., and you can check if there is anything else that is needed at your boss's office.  Being late shows lack of commitment and professionalism.
  4. Dress properly.  You should know by now how this job has been stereotyped as a career for not-so-bright, beautiful women who don't do anything but smile and look gorgeous.  Just a pretty display.  Dressing provocatively won't help.  Make sure your attire is professional and modest.  Get noticed for the right reasons, not for your looks. 
  5. Make a good impression.  It is essential that you show respect to all your boss's clients.  Be helpful and warm with each phone call you take.  Soon, you'll be getting wonderful feedback.  This will help your boss establish a good connection with both prospective and existing customers.

By following these simple and easy tips, you'll surely dazzle your way to be the perfect administrative assistant for your boss.  Just be consistent and always strive to learn new things that can make you grow and be excellent in what you do.  Good luck! 


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