How To Be an Excellent Communicator

Communication is a way to impart thoughts, ideas, feelings and information.  Its main purpose that people generally forget is to become completely understood.  Unfortunately, this method is used with the intent of being heard, unthinkingly disregarding the need to be clear at all times.  To be an excellent communicator, you should know the importance of explicitly expressing yourself so that anyone will be able to comprehend what you are trying to say, feel or explain.  After all, the point of communicating is to get your message across.  Here are some simple but very helpful tips to better communicate with other people.

  1. Clarity.  Be clear about your thoughts and ideas.  Try to say what you mean and mean what you say.  Organize your thoughts so that you can structure your sentences correctly.  It is very important to choose the right words and wisely use it to effectively get your message across.  Using examples or analogies will greatly help you to be easily understood.  When clarifying something, make sure you rephrase.  Avoid using the same words over and over again.  The simpler the better.  Get straight to the point.  You are there to guide and help them see a clear picture as you paint your thoughts to them.
  2. Consider the person you are speaking with.  The most common mistake when talking to someone is assuming that as long as your thoughts sound clear to you, it is automatically clear to everyone else.  Many relationships have ended because of this.  You must realize that it is you who should make an effort to be understood not the other way around.  A good communicator seeks accurate interpretation of thoughts and ideas from other people by considering their background, personalities and feelings.  Observe what kind of person you are about to talk to.  Be conscious about their current mood and make sure you adjust accordingly to the best of your ability.  This is the best way to reach out to anyone and the fastest way to be understood.
  3. Control your voice.  Always be aware of the pace, tone and volume of your voice.  You can use this to make your intentions or feelings known and to emphasize certain words and phrases.  You must sound what you mean.  If you say you are happy but your tone of voice is gloomy, then it is a contradiction that can confuse anyone.  Avoid sounding monotonous or else, no one will care to listen.  However, it can be extremely annoying if you are too loud and lively.  The speed of your voice should vary depending on who you are talking to. You have to learn to control it so you can use it to your advantage.
  4. Minimize your movement.  Avoid a lot of hand gestures or refrain yourself from pacing while you're conversing with someone.  It is a distraction to the person you are talking to.  Don't be stoic either, that can freak people out.  Just be in a relaxed position.  This can help your listener overcome any awkwardness or tension and will pay full attention to what you are saying.

It is advisable that you always start with a quick introduction about what you are going to say, followed by a simple but clear detail of your thoughts and then end it with a conclusion and a recap.  By consistently following these tips, you will soon see how other people can quickly understand you.  By then, you'll know that you have truly become an excellent communicator.


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