How To Be an Outstanding Employee

Companies today are looking for employees who are both dedicated and expert in their chosen field. They invest time and resources to filter out aspirants. Upon hiring, the company will still continue to check whether they are cut out for the position. 

Intimidating as it seems, you are welcome to the corporate world. Continue your climb in the corporate ladder and become an outstanding employee by:

  • Knowing your place. Always keep in mind that you are not the boss of the company. You are there to comply with the standards of the company and not to impose your own standards. Be sure to always give your best in everything. Follow the authority of your immediate bosses. Consider them as your seniors and treat them with utmost respect. They know more about the company than you do. Learn from them and seek their guidance if you are uncertain about something. Remember that your boss calls the shots even if you knew what's best for the situation.
  • Giving due respect. Respect begets respect. You have to earn the respect of your employer with action. Show your strong work ethic and dedication for your job every time you are asked to do something. Understand that even though your boss is not all knowing, he has the experience required to be placed in that position. His words will have weight no matter what. If you are to suggest or give in your opinion, be sure to have it explained in a manner that is not intrusive to your boss' position.
  • Being courteous. Greet everyone in your office with a smile. Use courteous words when addressing or having conversation with your boss and co-employees. Carefully choose your words even during heated conversations. Do not back stab anyone with words.
  • Having integrity. Employers love to see employees who show integrity no matter what. Always keep you word and do the right thing. Remember that even the smallest things will make or break you integrity as an employee. Never be late in meetings or when passing reports within the day. Be truthful with your sick leaves, punching your time card or even sending reports. Admit your short comings and be sure to make up to it. Take the initiative to do beyond what is expected. This will definitely win favor from your employee.
  • Being a role model.  You should not only gain the respect of your employer but your fellow employees as well. Set an example for other employees to follow. Perform each task efficiently and act as the team's spark to do the more.

Remember it's a give and take situation within your ranks. Encourage other employees without being offensive or cocky. It's always best to have harmonious relationships in your work. Though there's still competition, don't let this define your relationship with your fellow employees.

Now you can be the most outstanding employee out there! Your promotion will be just a corner away and with it comes a better pay!


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