How To Be Charming

Charm is a personality trait that can improve your personal and business relationships. You don’t have to go to charm school to be able to demonstrate this quality. Practice these guidelines and you will be charming in no time.

Step 1

Mind your manners. When you first meet someone you consider charming, what do you notice? Is it their smile, or maybe they just seem genuine? More often than not, the first impression you have will be of manners. Simple rules of etiquette can enhance your charm. Say please and thank you; yes sir and no ma’am. Open doors and let others pass before you.

Step 2

Address others with respect. Showing respect doesn’t mean just being courteous to your date or the person you are trying to impress. Be courteous to waiters, cab drivers and everyone you come into contact with. If you are rude to service people, others notice that and are put off by it.

Step 3

Offer a genuine smile. Happy people put others at ease just by smiling. You can’t fake the smile and still exude charm. The smile needs to reach your eyes to be genuine.

Step 4

Watch your body language. Our bodies tell as much about us as our words. Relax your posture and your facial expression for a more open, friendly appearance.

Step 5

Let others speak. Charming people do not dominate the conversation. If this is your tendency, realize that most people are self-centered and want to talk about themselves, instead of listening. Do the opposite by letting others do the talking.

Step 6

Listen with focus. Charming people always seem to remember names and some detail after meeting someone only once or twice. The reason the charming person remembers details is that they actively listen. They made the speaker the focus of their attention.

Step 7

Offer honest compliments. If you are trying to charm someone by offering compliments in order to be appealing or attractive, you may appear false. Do not just offer compliments because they are expected. Everyone around you has good qualities, decide to see the good in people and you will find the traits to compliment them on. True compliments show you as a friendly and amiable sort.

Step 8

Avoid profanity, prejudice and passing judgment. Being charming is as much about what you don’t do as it is what you do. Profanity and swearing is offensive to many even though it is common. Charmers accept others for who they are instead of making judgments or negative statements.

Step 9

Have fun. To be charming, you should love life and experiencing it. Let your natural fun personality show and you can charm almost anyone.

Demonstrating charm can be like walking a tight rope. Too much charm comes off as false and unappealing. Be natural, polite and fun so you can be charming.


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Such a simple concept and yet a lot of people haven't learned it. Good article!

By Dorraine Fisher