How To Be Direct When Communicating

It has been frequently said that communication is necessary in our everyday lives. This is not an unfounded claim. In romantic relationships, communication is a very significant factor to establish trust. Inside the family, it is necessary so that family members won’t feel any sentiments of alienation. In friendships, communication is important for this is where closeness and intimacy stem. Communication is significant to show your devotion, love, and care towards your loved ones. But one situation where effective communication stumbles is how to go straight to the point. So here are a few tips on how to be direct when communicating:

  1. Choose your words. Others find it difficult to be direct when communicating because they find it hard to choose the right words that will fit in what they are going to say. So during ordinary conversations, you have to be aware of every word that you are saying. This might come as an arduous task for thinking what word to say could take time and you might not know it but you have gone off to another topic without you having to say what you really wanted to say.
  2. Read. One of the most effective ways on how to choose the right words to say during conversation is to have a wide array of words to choose from in your head. This could only be made possible when you practice the habit of reading. Reading materials like books and magazines could help you familiarize with the basic rules on how to engage in conversations. This will help also help you create your own vocabulary of words you will be using when trying to be direct in communicating to the other person.
  3. Ask your peers. Ask your closest friends on the ways of being direct when communicating. Ask them what are the things they deem to be necessary during conversations. Moreover, ask them about the situations where it is best to use certain kinds of words and phrases.
  4. Show your disagreement. When you dislike something another person has said, don’t hesitate to show him/her your disagreement. Don’t take it to yourself and just let the moment pass. But do this in a rather polite manner. Showing your disagreement need not be as violent as others picture it to be.
  5. Be clear with your interests and expectations. Miscommunication happens when the other party does not understand what you are saying, especially when you like something. Hence, you have to be clear with your desires and your preferences. This way, you can be direct as others could be in conveying a message to another person.
  6. Focus in the conversation. Don’t let your mind wander for miles away when you are in a conversation. Oftentimes, this is the reason why other people find it hard to be direct when communicating.

To master the art of communication is to master the art of social relations. You are born as a social being and communication is the most effective way of disclosing yourself in social relationships. So next time, it will certainly help to be as direct as you can when trying to communicate.


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