How To Be Employee of The Year

You may not know it but your superiors and the HR department may closely monitor your performance in the office because they feel that you are providing more exemplary service than what is expected from you. Most companies reward employees who consistently turn in notable work by giving a select staff the Employee of the Year award. Take a look at some of the tips below so that you too can become an employee of the year.

  • Be consistent in your work attitude. Ensure that you always submit your reports on time. These should not be just reports. Go out of your way to make the reports as comprehensive as possible. There are employees who will make a report complying with the basic requirements just to be able to present one. A good employee will prepare a report with the basic requirements plus additional information that will benefit the company or the project he is currently working on. A manager always looks favorably at employees who take the initiative.
  • Maintain a perfect attendance, have minimal absences and avoid getting late to work as much as possible. If you are going to be late for work for a valid reason, make sure that you inform the office and your superior. Adhere to company rules and regulations.
  • Be helpful to your coworkers. They will appreciate your help and boost your employee of the year rating. It can be just your natural instinct to be helpful but these traits do not go unnoticed.
  • Accept the challenges given to you by your superiors. There are managers who like to test if you are qualified and capable of what they think you can do and provide enough incentive and challenge to see how you will perform. They may want to see you in different office settings and you should be flexible when accepting a challenge. You may be taken out of your comfort zone and be asked to complete a task that is totally different to what you normally do. Take is as a learning curve and challenge yourself to do the task and consider it part of your item.
  • Be a team player. Managers love to see employees who work well with others. If you are a fast worker and have already finished your task, volunteer to help the other members of the team or ask if there are other tasks that have been pending that you may be able to finish. Taking the initiative will earn you more brownie points.
  • Learn while you work and learn from your superiors. Your manager gets to that position because his performance met the standards that have been set by the company. Aim to have a better position than what you have now by displaying your willingness to learn. Your manager will appreciate you more if you indicate that you are interested in learning more about the department and the business process. This shows that you have enough drive and the right attitude towards work. This will put you on target as a major candidate for the employee of the year award.

Be positive in everything that you do. Even if you do not aim to be chosen as the employee of the year, be a deserving one. Remain consistent in your performance of your duties and responsibilities and go out of your way to make your work above standard.


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