How To Be Environmentally Friendly in the Workplace

You can always show your love for the environment anywhere and anytime. However, in places like the workplace where you have no complete control of your environment, it is relatively not that easy to be environmentally friendly. Here are some steps to help you to promote your advocacy even in the most uncontrollable setting like the workplace.

  1. Set up segregation bins. If your company doesn’t have segregation programs, you better do the thing. Make a proposal to the company to create segregation bins so that you can make your waste management more efficient. Don’t be afraid to open your proposal to our work colleagues and your boss. It may even give you a plus point for your promotion.
  2. Do not crumple scratch papers. Many have the tendency to crumple scratch papers and throw them eventually. We all know that a lot of trees are cut off to create paper. You can lessen this by reusing the scratch papers for menial purposes like sketches. You can lessen the expenditures in office supplies through this and also help preserve the environment in the process.
  3. Preserve energy. Electricity is produced by coal and oil resources, which in the process emit carbon gases that affect the environment adversely. To lessen this, preserve energy by putting out lights when not used, turning off computers which are also not used, turning off air conditioners when it is not that hot, among others. Again, this will not only help preserve the environment but will also lessen your company’s expenditures on energy consumption.
  4. Refurbish your office with green ornamentals. The office ambiance is often rigid, often filled with pressure. You can generate a fresh and natural ambience by putting in green plants like bonsai, flowers in pots and other. It can generate fresh oxygen that can invigorate your air conditioned room. You must periodically water the plants to maintain them. In this case, you can buy plants that usually do not require strict maintenance measures like cacti and the like.
  5. Make a non smoking rule, and assign a smoking area. Smoking, however superficial its global effect is, can definitely affect the performance of the people in the workplace. Propose a non smoking rule in the office as disciplinary measure for all of the employees. On the side of the smokers, you can assign a smoking area so that they will not feel repressed on their own individual choices.
  6. Always go for the organic, biodegradable, and reusable. Plastic practically reigns in the planet, and your workplace is not an exemption. Non biodegradable things can be replaced by biodegradable ones. For example, you can replace plastic shelves with wood. Reduce your use of plastic and the use of harmful chemicals such as insecticide. Prefer those that are effective but good to the environment.

If you are really a genuine clean and green advocate, or at least someone who just wanted to be one, the rules and power play in the workplace can never be a hindrance. Just one final tip: make your efforts more effective by making your friends join you in your advocacy. Together you can make a bigger difference, in and outside the workplace.


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