How To Be Realistic About Your Job Search

Oftentimes people find themselves stuck or worried about their future in the job market. A job search might drag on for a couple of weeks or stretch into months. This can be especially true if you are setting unrealistic goals in pursuing a new job. A common practice of employees nowadays is to apply for a job while still keeping your current one. While this is practical and beneficial, keep in mind that this only doubles the stress you would normally undergo, having to juggle hours between the search and your current placement.

Still, a realistic approach to your job search will keep you on an even keel when those first, hopeful prospects fall through and keep you enthusiastic until the right position comes along.

  • Stick to your guns. The person next to you might not take long in getting a job. This normally happens because that person is applying for the right kind of job for the skills set that he possesses. Stick to what you know and what you are good at. This will lessen the chance that employers will overlook you.
  • Keep an open mind. Remember that even the most menial job can take a while to arrive in your lap. Hiring is not simply getting a piece of paper and getting that person to work for you. There is a process that involves a lot of paperwork internally and factors that are determined by the company, the job specifically and the economic status of the employer. Add to that the fact that you are not the only one vying for that position.
  • Prepare for the drought. Job seeking often includes unemployment. The best way to counter this is to save up before the hunt for your next bread and butter begins.
  • How much do I need? Another factor that slows down the process is over-valuing your qualifications for a specific job. When considering your next salary, you don't want to expect too much or settle for too little. It is advisable to be realistic about this. Ask yourself how much you need and what would be a fair compensation for the hours and effort you are going to put into the job.
  • Prepare for the worst. As always, prepare for the worst while expecting the best. Just be happy if the results come in sooner than you had hoped for. Remember to follow up on applications, but do not overdo it. Keep in mind that you don't want to be remembered as the guy that called up HR every hour, every day.
  • Be hopeful and be confident. This is the best way in making your job search realistic. Oftentimes, the people who feel stressed by the hunt are those who worry too much about whether they are qualified or not. Be confident. A long wait is not necessarily based on your lack of skills or something that you may have said or did during the interview. Rather, it is probably just an internal thing going on inside the company.

Remember that if you have the skills and the know-how, there is always a company that will require you, want you, and need you. Although, it may take time, your paths will eventually cross.


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