How To Be the Perfect Waitress

Being a waitress can be an easy task. However, being a perfect waitress is not as easy to accomplish. Though you have followed all the rules and do all of your responsibilities, it is not enough reason to call you a perfect waitress. Even the fact that you spent several years on the job does not guarantee you the title. The basis for becoming the perfect waitress is being the best in everything that you do, especially when dealing with customers.

The title of a perfect waitress can offer you a lot of good benefits. Aside from the merits you can get from your employer, you can earn a lot of opportunities ahead. However, this is easier said than done. So for you to head on your way of being the perfect waitress, here are some helpful tips that can guide you for this purpose:

  • Be observant. Being observant is one important character a waitress should possess for her to be perfect. Before approaching a designated table, observe who your customers are, what they may be celebrating, and the like. This is to help you offer them the right menu for the day or night.
  • Be friendly. Always be friendly to every customer in the restaurant. Even though you are not assigned on a specific table, show every customer that they are very much welcome in the place. Always wear a perfect smile and treat each guest politely. Build rapport with them in an appropriate tone when necessary. Also, ask them voluntarily of things they may need. Your customers will love you if they see you as a sweet, respectful, and friendly waitress.
  • Be organized. Make yourself very organized all the time so that you can attend to your duties responsibly. Have a plan in your mind so as not keep the customers bored from waiting for their meals. For instance, serve them with their ordered drinks so that they will not easily get bored. Then, be ready with toothpicks, sugar packs, and straws so that they come in handy every time a customer requests for one.
  • Be approachable. As a waitress, you will always experience being called here and there. Be patient during this kind of situation and make sure you respond to their requests efficiently and politely no matter how tired you are. It is always your responsibility to provide them all their needs so that they will be satisfied not only with your personal services but the whole business’ services.
  • Be thankful all the time. Whether they leave tips or not, it is important to show your gratitude to every customer as you have a job because of them. A simple “thank you” and a smile will do the trick. Also, don’t forget to tell them that you will be glad to serve them again in the coming days.

The perfect waitress is someone who understands that this is not just a mere job but also a responsibility. Hence, if you wish to earn this title, be always responsible in serving your customers at your best. Their appreciation of you will always bring you closer into getting this great title for yourself.


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