How To Be Union President

Democracy will never be a real government for the people without proper representation of the workforce. That is why the freedom to assemble a union is given. And if you want to lead a group of workers, you should start it by having that passion to fight and protect your rights as workers. If you have that, then you can start your way to becoming the next union president.

1.    Be a union member. You will only be legible to become the next union president if you are a union member. So start it by becoming one of its members. This is your chance also to get to know other union members, participate in general meetings, and learn the local laws concerning work force.

Part of being a union member is paying for the regular union contribution. Payment can be yearly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Always pay on time and never make late payments.

2.    Be one of the union officers. Don’t run for union presidency just yet. Start being one of the officers, say a treasurer, so you will know how officers run the union. After your first experience as a union officer, you may still want to pursue a higher rank, say a secretary or vice president. Having more experience as an officer will make you more credible to be the next president. While you are a union officer, make all efforts to contribute as much as you can for the group. Doing a lot for the union will expose you to the union members and that will highlight your hard work and sincerity for the job. This may also be your chance to start heading projects for the union. Start it small like holding parties for the union members or setting up a forum or discussion to boost awareness of worker’s rights and privileges.

3.    Be a candidate union president. During election time, submit your name as a presidential candidate for the union. That will mark the start of your campaign to be president.

4.    Campaign. Get supports from union members and officers to boost up your popularity within the union. Be serious in campaigning because you will never be a union president without winning the votes. There are many campaign strategies you can use.

  • Create fliers that highlights your achievements that will make you the best candidate for the position. The fliers should focus on your contributions to the union from the time you become a member until the time you become one of the officers.
  • Design a website for the campaign especially if the company has other branches in another city or state.

Union members should also know your agenda in case you become elected as the new union president. It may include increasing the salary or cutting the number of hours at work or solve issues that affect more of the union members.

It’s easy to campaign to become the next union president. But it difficult to win the campaign if you don’t have the genuine want to help your co-workers achieve a better working condition. So again, start becoming a union president by having the heart of a true union leader.


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