How To Be a Work at Home Medical Biller

Medical billers are in demand in this era where the Baby Boomers are becoming more concerned about their health. Not only the demand for medical billers but also the offered salary is so promising as well. What’s more is that almost anyone can be a medical biller. However, it will not be that easy and fast if you are planning to be a work-at-home medical biller.

If you are still planning to pursue this career while staying at home, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Get educated. So far, there is no standard educational achievement a professional should have before he can be considered a medical biller. But the industry demands those interested to enter this field to have that strong knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, industry coding for different medical procedures, and knowledge of how various medical forms should be completed. There are short-term and vocational courses offered online and locally that can give you all the knowledge you need to be a competitive medical biller. Choose to invest in accredited training schools.
  2. Get trained. Most vocational courses will already provide you the needed training to complete the basic requirement from a medical biller. But expect that out-of-school training and experience are much more credible than in-school experiences.
  3. Get certified. Check with your school if they are offering certification for medical billers like you. It’s better to get this certification because it adds to your credibility as a professional. However, getting certified is not always a necessity when getting a job.
  4. Get hired. Medical billing is a very meticulous job not only because of the demands but because every company needs a different style of accomplishing the job. Almost all companies will never agree to hire someone to be working at home without him getting enough knowledge working in their office. So whether you like it or not, you need first to have at least six months experience working as a medical biller in an office before you proceed to become home-based. Some companies require at least two years in-office experience so it will be helpful if you will stay longer as a medical biller working in the office. Don’t worry because your sacrifice will surely pay off someday.
  5. Pursue to become home-based. Most companies will never let you do the work at your house in the first months of work. Only after about six months that you will be allowed to work at home. At this time, the company is already confident that you can do the job easy and without anymore hassle.
  6. Work at home. Finally, you can already work at home as a medical biller. At first, the company you worked for in an in-office setup will be your client. As time goes, your credibility as a work-at-home professional increases and you can work for more companies and more people.  That means better work flexibility for you and better promising income.

It will take at most three years before you can be a work-at-home medical biller. There’s nothing wrong with that, anyway, because every effort you do will contribute to your success later. So get more experience and get more educated and you’ll see, the sacrifices you are making today will bear sweet fruits tomorrow.


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