How To Become a Background Dancer

You might often see those people in concerts and in music videos dancing to your favorite song. They are paid, working background dancers. If you have a passion and talent for dancing, then being a backup dancer is the job for you. It won’t be easy. You need to do a lot of things and utilize all of your resources to be a background dancer. However the rewards are great.

Here are some tips on how to become a background dancer:

Keep on training. The most important part of being a dancer is training. You want to hone your skills and keep on learning new moves. The better dancer you are, the more chances you have of being a backup dancer. Remember that you don’t become a great dancer through dreaming. You have to really sacrifice a lot of things and do a lot of hard work to be good. If possible, enroll in dance schools where you can really hone your talent. Formal training can really help you become the best dancer you can be. If you can’t afford to invest in a dance school, try doing dancing classes in different genres. Don’t get stuck in one genre, as it will greatly limit your chances of being a backup dancer. Remember that you should always have variety.

Keep booking auditions. This is the best way to become a backup dancer. If you go to enough auditions, you will eventually get noticed. However, you should ensure that you get noticed for all the right things. Also, auditions will give you many opportunities. In the business, experience plays a big part. And realistically, you won’t be able to book any jobs if you don’t go to any auditions. You can’t just wait for someone to discover you - you have to push and want it yourself.

Try to get into a dance troupe. There is power in numbers. The more people you are in a troupe, the higher your chances of getting a job.

Get a manager. The smartest thing you can do if you have a troupe and you want to get gigs is get a manager. A manager will help you organize and book more gigs. Try looking at various managing companies and talent agents in your neighborhood.

Look like a dancer. No, you don’t have to wear flashy, fancy clothes all the time. Just take care of y our body. The shape of your body will also determine the sharpness of your dance moves. The audience will need to see distinct body movements. Body language is very important in dancing. Wear clothes that are comfortable, yet not too shabby. Always look very well kept. The most important thing: wear comfortable shoes! Your shoes will depend on the type of dance you will be doing, so make sure you wear the right ones! Beware of too much make up if you’re not on stage. It is not very professional for a dancer to be wearing a lot of make up during trainings and rehearsals.

It is very easy to become a backup dancer. If you want to be a backup dancer, follow these simple steps and you’ll be dancing your way to the top in no time.


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