How To Become a Bail Bondsman

Being a bail bondsman can be a great job. Basically, a bail bondsman is the one who pays the bail of a criminal or a suspect who is in jail. A bail bondsman can use either cash or other properties to do this. However, there is a catch. Usually, a bail bondsman will get ten percent of the bail from the criminal or suspect. This is how to make money. There are many benefits to being a bondsman. And while the process seems very simple, there are actually many requirements to be a bail bondsman.

Here are some tips on how to become a bail bondsman:

  1. Get some formal training. In order to be a good and successful bondsman, you need to know the legal system in and out. This will be the basis of your work, so you have to take the time and make the effort to really understand it. Every state requires different formal trainings. Your training will equip you with everything you know about the legal system, and the inner workings of becoming a bail bondsman. There are many intricacies that must not be overlooked when you are on the job, so you will be trained. The characteristics of the different crimes a suspect has committed should not be foreign to the bail bondsman. Although he or she is working behind the scenes, there is still a specific action for every special case. This is why you will need to take specific courses and. In some states, you will even have to take specially designed education courses to qualify to be a bail bondsman.
  2. After your formal training, you will need to take a licensure exam. In order to run a legitimate business, you need to take the licensure exam. If you pass it, you will be well on your way to becoming a bail bondsman. Depending on which state you live in, the exam will differ. Most likely, you will be required to take a written exam. Most probably, this will take place at the Department of Insurance, you will conduct most of your business with them.
  3. It doesn’t stop at getting your license. You have to get insurance. Make sure that you cover all of your family while getting an insurance. You will also be using the insurance to pay the bails, so this is an important part in becoming a bail bondsman. You will have to fix your contract with the insurance company, as every contract is usually unique. You will have to show the insurance company that you are very trustworthy and can work up to their standards. The insurance also protects the bail bondsman from “jumpers”. These are the criminals who choose to hide from their bondsmen and do not appear in their appointed court date. The bondsman will still have to pay full price the bail of the jumper.

Being a bail bondsman is very hard work. It is a great job if you want to be challenged intellectually. These simple tips will help you become the best bail bondsman you can be.


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