How To Become a Bank Robber

Becoming a bank robber is a serious thing. It is a high risk, illegal job (if you could even call it a job). It requires meticulous planning and precise strategizing. However high the benefits are, there are still a lot of dangers in robbing a bank.

Here are some tips on how to become a bank robber:

Decide if you really want to become a bank robber. There are many issues you will have to resolve if you want to be a bank robber. You will be stealing from many people. There is automatically a moral dilemma there, because you will be taking money that is not yours. There is also a great possibility that you will have to kill someone to defend yourself, especially if you have to take a hostage with you. You will automatically be putting someone at risk for your own benefit. Then, there is also a great possibility that you will be caught. This means that you can either get killed or you could go to jail. If the police catches you and puts you up for trial, you might go to jail. If you don’t go to jail, you will lose more money because you will have to pay for your lawyer. And if you try to fight, you might get killed. There are many risks to being a bank robber, so you have to evaluate yourself. Are you really willing to risk a lot of things for that amount of money?

Decide which bank you want to rob. If you’ve decided that the only choice for you is to rob a bank, then you will have to choose your location. It is best to choose a bank with low security. Try going in and inquiring as if you’re going to open an account. Use this opportunity to scan the place and make a few observations. You can also look at the bank you plan to rob from afar so you can observe the guards of the bank. When are they on a break? When do the guards switch? This will be very important if you want to pull off robbing a bank. Your observation period should last at least a month.

Start planning. All of the data you have collected will play a big part in your planning. You will have to plan a date and a time for your bank robbery. Choose the date and time wisely, as any errors can prove to be disastrous. You don’t want to rob a bank when you know that the place is on high alert. You will also need a way to get out of the bank. This is where a co-conspirator will be very helpful. Your clothes and your disguise will also be very important, as you don’t want to be recognized. If people recognize you, you will be caught immediately. You shouldn’t draw any attention to yourself while you’re planning. This could ruin the plan entirely.

The last thing you should do is execute your plan. You have to understand that in this case, no plan goes as smoothly as they expected it to be. Always be on your guard. If you follow these simple tips, you can rob a bank in no time.


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