How To Become a Better Pool Player

Pool is one of the most famous games played nowadays. When you watch the sports channel, you may find yourself watching a pool competition. Playing pool involves a lot of tricks and techniques. It takes time for someone to become an expert in playing pool. If you are a newbie and you are aspiring to become one of the best pool players, there are a few things you need to learn.

Here are the steps on how to become a better pool player:

  1. Learn to be patient. Patience in this game is really a virtue. You must learn to take the time to study all options. People who usually win in pool games are the ones who are patient enough to observe and strategize before shooting.
  2. Check all angles. Study all possible angles on where you should take the shot. Walk around the table, look at the angles, and then decide which angle the best one to use for the shot is.
  3. Always consider the next ball on cue. Part of the decision on which angle to shoot is the next ball to be hit. The shot that you are about to make for the current ball should also be in line for the next ball on cue.
  4. Learn where to properly grip the pool cue. Balance the cue in your hand. Make sure that you find the center of the cue balance. Once you have found the center, move your hand down the cue and grip it. Make sure that you find the comfortable position for your hand to grip the pool cue.
  5. Learn how to properly grip the pool cue. To properly grip the pool cue, you must know how to properly put tension to the grip. If you grip the pool cue too tightly, you might jerk the cue. This will ruin your shot. If you grip too loosely, you might lose control of the pool cue. This will ruin your game as well. Learn the proper tension on the grip so you may hit the intended shot for the ball.
  6. Learn the proper stroke. Learn how to properly stroke the cue towards the ball. Make sure you have the correct motion. You should know how to properly shoot straight all the way to the ball.
  7. Learn the proper breathing. A good pool player breathes out while taking the shot. You might hold your breath in concentration. This something you may want to work on.
  8. Learn techniques from other pool players. Watch and observe how pool players play. You might be able to get some good techniques. Be friendly with pool players who play very well. Most of them are willing to share their best practices.
  9. Practice makes perfect. Play friendly games with pool buddies. Practice everyday if you could. Work on your weak shots. This should help you enhance your pool playing skills.

Just like in any other game, a pool player needs to have self-discipline to learn the proper techniques. Be patient enough to learn everything you need to learn before you join a professional competition. This may be the key to your victory.


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