How To Become a Bicycle Messenger

Bicycle messengers are a slowly vanishing race in this day and age of technology. The introduction of the fax machine is probably what started its slow downfall. And with the evolution of the telecommunications industry, what with emails and cellular phones, bike messengers are slowly getting eased out of the business. While it may prove to be difficult finding jobs as a bicycle messenger, keeping in mind some of the tips outlined below will aid you in your chosen field of work.

  1. Know what the job of a bicycle messenger will entail. Bicycle messengers plow the busy streets of the city to deliver mail or goods. Since this is the case, you should be of good health first. Also, you have to be knowledgeable about the streets, especially the less congested ones, to make sure that you get your job done as quickly as possible. Bicycle messengers are paid for the number of deliveries they make in a day. So the more you accomplish, the larger your weekly or monthly paycheck is going to be. Newly hired bicycle messengers will typically be assigned to jobs that are more difficult so make sure that you have the guts and the strength to face up to the challenge.
  2. Have the gear necessary to be a bicycle messenger. Firstly, you have to have your own bicycle. It would be best if your bicycle is well maintained, with tires, brakes and everything in good working condition. Bear in mind that bicycle messengers are faced with dangers everyday. You want to narrow the chances of getting into an accident by using reliable equipment. Another very important thing that you should not do without if you are serious about becoming a bicycle messenger is a helmet. Again, safety is of utmost importance so invest in a sturdy and quality helmet. Lastly, you should have a utility bag big enough to store packages in. Other essentials for the job include rain gear, head lamp and protective eyewear.
  3. Look for job openings in and around your area. The most efficient way of looking for bicycle messenger employment opportunities is by checking the Web. You can narrow down your search to check out openings that are just a reasonable distance from your home. You can also check out want ads in newspapers. You should also try to ask for assistance from local job placement agencies as they are the ones who are hired by companies to get suitable people for various job openings.

Bicycle messengers have a very risky job. It is then important that you check with your insurance provider to make sure that you have sufficient coverage just in case you get into an accident. Better yet, make sure that the company you will work for provides adequate accident insurance coverage for its bicycle messenger workforce.


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