How To Become a Bounty Hunter in Missouri

Being a bounty hunter may be exciting just like in the movies. In reality however, the job is not all excitement. It entails hard and tough work and special skills as well. In Missouri, bounty hunters are also called bail recovery agents or fugitive recovery agents. These people look out for people out on bail and fugitives that have not paid their bail bonds. The State Department of Insurance regulates bounty hunters in Missouri. The Insurance Department issues licenses and may revoke the license of bounty hunters due to non-compliance with state laws.

The job of a bounty hunter is to apprehend or capture fugitives or those who have skipped bail. Bounty hunters usually get 10 percent of the amount of the bail. The average pay a bounty hunter gets is $62,500 a year. More skilled bounty hunters could get as much as $100,000 annually. If you are interested to be a bounty hunter, check out these guidelines.

  • Make sure you have the specific skills needed to become a bounty hunter. Although not required, it would be an advantage if you have earned or finished a degree in criminal justice. You should also be familiar with the bail bond industry. Other skills that would be helpful are communication skills, research and investigative, self defense and fighting skills. Knowledge in surveillance techniques will give you an advantage.
  • Be familiar with the requirements. To be a bounty hunter, you must be 21 years of age or older. You must be a resident of Missouri with a high school diploma and must have never been convicted of a felony.
  • Complete the education and basic training as advised by the Insurance department. You may check out their website to have more information about this. This training would cover all the topics that you need to learn to be able to pass the examination.
  • Prepare for your final examination. After taking the training, you have a year to prepare and apply for the test.
  • Check out the Pearson Vue website and schedule your examination. Pearson VUE is an electronic testing company that currently operates in 165 countries worldwide. Pearson VUE delivers tests around the world and caters to clients from the licensure and certification, regulatory and government testing service markets among others.
  • Review for your exam. Look for a study guide and take practice exams. You may also look for testing centers so you will be more prepared for the test.
  • Set aside time for finger printing. Consult the Department of Insurance about this. Ask which company offers this kind of service.
  • Download the application form from the Insurance Department website. Go through the form and take note of all the information listed there. Complete the form with all the information or details needed.
  • Send the completed form through mail to the Missouri State Insurance department. Do not forget to include your payment for the licensing fees. You can pay through money order or check.

The Insurance Department will send your license once you have been approved. Take these guidelines seriously if you want to start a lucrative and exhilarating career as a bounty hunter.


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