How To Become a Bounty Hunter in North Carolina

Bounty hunters can get a job in North Carolina. They are also called bail runners, which refer to persons employed or hired by a bail bond company to assist them in apprehending the defendant who failed to appear in court. In other words, bounty hunters in North Carolina assist the bail bondsman who interacts with the courts directly. Bounty hunters in North Carolina are governed by a number of provisions and regulations. They must also possess a license.

As in any other job, salary is a primary concern. As a general rule, the expected pay of a bounty hunter is more or less 10 percent of the amount of the original bail. A neophyte bounty hunter can get $25,000 in a year. More experienced bail runners can earn a hundred thousand dollars or even more annually.

If you are interested to become a bounty hunter in the state of North Carolina, you must follow these guidelines.

  • Be familiar with the requirements. You must be a resident of North Carolina. If you live elsewhere, you must transfer to North Carolina. It is also required that you have lived in North Carolina for at least six months before you apply. You must be 18 years of age and above. You must have no outstanding bail bond obligations and no felony convictions.
  • Be knowledgeable on local laws and regulations and equip yourself with the necessary skills like research, communication, fighting skills as well as surveillance techniques. All these will help you pass your exam which will gauge how well you know and understand the bail bond business.
  • Consider getting a degree in law enforcement or criminal justice. If you want to be a successful bounty hunter, having a degree in these fields would be an advantage.
  • Look for an employer. Remember that freelance bounty hunting is considered illegal in North Carolina. You must therefore be employed by a bail bond company. It would be easier to get an employer if you are educated or knowledgeable as previously advised. One of the licensing requirements is a power of attorney issued by a professional bail bondsman. Make sure you have this.
  • Take the 20-hour training course. Check with the North Carolina Insurance department regarding this training course. The Insurance State department regulates bounty hunters and issues their licenses.
  • Take the test. You will only have a license once you pass the examination. The State Insurance department administers the written test, which aims to assess how well you know and understand the laws in North Carolina particularly about bail, and other related areas like prohibited practices and bail bond terminologies. The test has a hundred multiple choice questions. Passing grade is 70 percent and you will be given 2 hours to finish the test. In case you did not pass the written exam, you can take again after a year.

Being a bounty hunter is a tough job. Here’s some additional advice. You should have the necessary equipment such as handcuffs, mobile phone, binoculars, pepper spray, flashlight, and of course a firearm. Check the State laws first to see if you can carry these items. Do not misuse any of these items to avoid a lawsuit for yourself and your company.


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