How To Become a Brick Mason

Cementing bricks

Brick masons or bricklayers have specialized knowledge and skills in the use of bricks, hollow or solid concrete blocks, and various types of stones. This type of job entails the use of trade-specific techniques which is why individuals looking at the potential of entering this industry have to learn the ropes to make sure that they qualify for the work. Here are a few tips you can refer to if you want to become a brick mason.

  1. Decide what approach to take to learn the trade. It is important to take the most efficient and structured way of learning so as to maximize your time.
  2. Get employment with a construction firm. You can take the option of learning the ins and outs of this type of job while employed in a construction firm. Almost all brick masons today have been trained by their respective employers. The advantage of getting an on the job training on brick masonry is that you get to see first hand the work conditions, the best practices, and the techniques that seasoned brick masons use to deliver quality work in much less time.
  3. Opt for getting instructions from a seasoned brick mason. The next available option for learning brick masonry is by apprenticeship. In here, you'll get to shadow and assist a well experienced brick mason. The downside of apprenticeship though is that you would not get paid that much, or not get paid at all. So if you ever decide to become an apprentice for a brick mason, then better make sure that your finances are flexible enough to accommodate the daily operating expenses such as meal allowance, transportation costs, and sometimes, the need to buy specific tools that your mentor will require of you.
  4. Attend a vocational school that teaches brick masonry. Completing a brick masonry certification program in a vocational school is your last option. Sure, you'll have to pay for the tuition fee, but bear in mind that you would not need to buy your own tools yet as the school will typically provide the students with them.

After you have finished getting your instruction, whether through on the job training, apprenticeship or certification program, it is essential that you take on pertinent jobs to fully enhance your skills and knowledge. Most brick masons are considered self employed, meaning, they constantly advertise themselves and their services and interested parties will get in touch with them directly. If this is how you wish to work in the business, then it would be best that you have your number listed in the yellow pages.


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