How To Become a Celebrity Agent

Many people aspire to become famous, to bask in the spotlight and enjoy the fans that idolize them for who they are and what they do. Other people, however, may not necessarily want to be in the spotlight but still long to be involved in the industry. A great example of such a way to do this is by becoming a celebrity agent. They use their connections and talents for public relations to not only to help find their client work, but to make sure they're always in the public's eye.

The first thing that must be done is to complete college and receive a degree in either business or marketing. This is necessary because not only does becoming a celebrity agent require finding work for their client, but it also involves being able to make lucrative deals as well as successfully negotiate with others to get the job done. The more experience and training in negotiating, business deal making and accounting, the better the position will go.

Aside from gaining experience in the previously mentioned areas, gaining experience directly from other celebrity agents is a necessity. Most people aspiring to branch off on their own begin as an apprentice to already made celebrity agents. Not only will this show how the job is done, but it will also help with gaining a list of industry contacts, most of whom will prove to be invaluable later on. This will also help with getting to know potential clients.

Set up the business once you've branched out. In order to be taken more seriously than other fresh agents, an office in a prime location is a necessity. Make business cards to hand out and business contracts for clients to sign. Associate yourself with the different guilds out in the industry, such as the Screen Actors' Guild. They will help provide you with the guidelines necessary to work with in terms of negotiating compensation packages for clients.

Finally, recruit clients! Tell celebrities what you do, how you get them done and how you intend to help establish or better their career. Set up meetings with various celebrities you know are looking for new representation. When starting out as a new agent, you will most likely need to start out with the smaller, lesser-known celebrities first. As you gain direct, personal experience, bigger names will look to associate themselves with your agency.

A helpful idea is to research other celebrity agents. There's no need to redefine the industry; there is only a need to be successful in your own. Learn from others by seeing how they work and note both successful and not so successful strategies that they employ with their potential clients.


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