How To Become a Certified Gemologist

If you are interested in pursuing a career in jewelry and your passion involves accessories of great value, a career as a certified gemologist might be the right choice for you. A certified gemologist is credited such a title from the American Gem Society. This is a title that requires a lot of specialized education and hands-on experience if you want to make good money from such a position.

Education is important if you're looking to get some sort of credentials as a gemologist. You should enroll in the various gemology and jewelry courses provided by the International Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. You'll learn all the basics about diamonds, precious stones, and rocks. After you have taken all the required courses you should take the necessary diamond grading classes for the American Gem Society.

Just like any other education, it's important to gain experience in your field. It's important to work under another gemologist who has more experience than you, so that if you do happen to make a small mistake during the course of your education, you won't lose any customers or hurt your credibility in the long run. Working as a jeweler will help you to gain the proper skills an tools necessary to grade the two diamonds that the AGS will provide to them as their test. This is the "exam" portion of your education that provides you with the proper credentials to work as a certified gemologist.

Once you have received your proper certificates from IGS and GIA that say you have passed all the required courses, you can take the AGS test and become a certified gemologist. A certified gemologist should also be well aware that they are required to take a certification test to renew their title every year. Constant learning and growing is required to be a member of this elite certification. The annual test is designed to make sure that as a certified gemologist, you're staying on top of your game. A membership fee may be attached to keep your certified.

Once you've completed your education and received the proper title, you can work for a high-end and successful jewelry company. Only the best gemologists are hired in jewelry stores to ensure the quality of value of jewelry. You can also decide to continue your education and receive a Master's of gemology. It is important to continue learning, because there is a vast amount of information available on the subject. If you're interested in jewelry, or have worked for a jewelry store in the past, you might want to consider getting your certification. Certified gemologists are professionals who have had extensive courses and training to be able to do their job well.


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