How To Become a Certified Nanny

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Nannies are more than just babysitters. They are childcare providers who work in households to support the families by devotedly tending to the various needs of the children. If you are contemplating becoming a nanny, you have to understand that it is a very hands-on job that takes so much more that what it did in the past. The following provides you information on what you need to know to start a career as a certified nanny. 

  • Get proper training. A nanny’s responsibilities may vary depending on the family’s requirements. Duties, however, typically include tending to child’s basic physical needs, planning and preparing meals, providing transportation, organizing recreational activities, teaching, and some housekeeping that are child related among others. While you can be a nanny minus formal training, you need to undergo specific courses to help you get more equipped for the job and get a stable career as a professional nanny. Many parents nowadays prefer an applicant who has had a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), First-Aid, and other medical trainings. If you have not yet attended a class on either CPR or First-Aid, it is recommended to check with your community or local Red Cross office for information on enrolling in a program or workshop. If you are intent on becoming a certified professional nanny and have no knack for cooking, it would be best to take home economics or cooking courses. You also need to learn to drive and have your own valid driver’s license as it is expected of you to drive the children to and from different places.  You can also obtain training by working as an assistant in playschools and other childcare facilities. To ensure however, that you get appropriate training courses, pursue programs and schools that are accredited by the American Council of Nanny Schools, an organization that accredits institutions that provide learning for child care skills.
  • Take credential examination. While there is no standardized licensing to work as a nanny, a popular credential examination is made available by the International Nanny Association. You may also obtain other relevant credentials such as Child Development Associate (CDA) and Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) to supplement your nanny certification.
  • Join organizations. Participating in professional associations for childcare providers does not guarantee certification. However, being a member of organizations such as the Local Nanny Organizations in the US, National Association of Nannies, and the International Nanny Association, will provide you special opportunities for training, education, networking, and professional development. Joining such entities will also keep you abreast with any advancement in the nanny industry.

More important than training and certification is your genuine passion and love for children. While most nanny referral or placement agencies will favor applicants with specific credentials, certification does not always top the list of many parents’ requirements for a nanny. Your personal background and abilities are far more considered to ensure you can be trusted in nurturing a child. You have to understand that this type of job whether full-time or part-time demands your total commitment in providing the best possible care for a child. 


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