How To Become a Certified Pilates Instructor

If you love Pilates and would like to share your passion and knowledge with others, you may wish to get certified and become a Pilates instructor. The job growth for qualified Pilates instructors is growing every year, with placement opportunities in gyms, private trainers, conditioning workouts for dancers, rehabilitation facilities, or perhaps making your own instructional DVD. The certification process is universal and will equip you to work most anywhere in the world. If you have the energy and drive to conduct a Pilates class, this is a great way to remain fit while earning an excellent living.

Balanced Body University is the premier education center for obtaining a Pilates instructor certificate. Applicants may select to study at a number of satellite operations, where the BBU staff members will conduct the training and issue the certificates. The coursework program is broken down into fully contained modules, which allows the Pilates student to take as many modules as they wish, completing the rest of the segments when convenient to do so. If your schedule or finances will not permit you to take the entire program at once, you may gradually complete one segment at a time at a pace that fits your lifestyle.

Each training module focuses on the individual exercises performed either on the Pilates equipment or the certified mat routines. Students will be well-versed on how to put together a coherent and effective mat routine and given expert instruction on each apparatus. Technique is taught for the Reformer, Chair and Barrel, and the Cadillac of the Pilates line, the Trapeze model.

In addition to hands-on training with the Pilates equipment, the student is immersed in muscle and skeletal workshops to enhance their understanding of how the body responds to Pilates. By being able to interpret the needs of the major muscle groups with basic anatomy and kinesiology, the student is better equipped to design a tailor-made training program for their future Pilates clients.

Pilates certification is possible for the absolute beginner, as you will grow and learn at your own pace. The training may be stretched over a few days or many months, with each completion level independent of the following course. And for the Pilates certified instructor who is a bit rusty, try the Bridge program to gain speed on new techniques and equipment to keep your competitive edge.

Pilates exercise is a worldwide passion, and has proven itself to be one of the most effective and comfortable ways of getting in shape. Each year, new clientele is added to the masses of Pilates enthusiasts, making a certified instructor certificate a financially sound and long lasting business benefit. To get the ball rolling, contact your local gym for a listing of certification classes in your area. BBU faculty is dispersed around the globe, offering the finest and most cost efficient means of becoming a certified Pilates instructor.


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