How To Become a Certified Preschool Teacher

Preschool teacher with kids

Teaching children is not an easy job but is a highly rewarding career. Not only does it put you in a position to teach vocabulary, numbers, colors, sounds, and the like but it gives you the privilege of shaping and developing children’s interests as well as molding the minds and character of very young people who in the future may become doctors, professors, lawyers, architects, astronauts, finance experts, businessmen, archeologists, artists, mothers, fathers, or great leaders of the nation. You never know, one of your students may become the next Bill Gates. Having established the significance of a preschool teacher, follow the corresponding tips in case you are contemplating to pursue becoming a certified preschool teacher.

  • Education. In most states, preschool teachers are required to have at least an associate’s degree or a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification. With this background, you can commence your career by working as an assistant teacher and eventually advance to being the lead teacher. However, for some states, it is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree in education, supervised practical experience, and a specific number of hours spent working in child care. To ensure you are meeting the requirements set by your state, get as much information as you can on the prerequisites prior to obtaining any program or curriculum.
  • Specialized studies. After earning your degree, it would be best to enroll in a specialized curriculum that is designed specifically for child care. Learning early childhood education, and understanding children with special needs are highly relevant if you are to pursue a career in teaching children. With specialized studies, you get equipped with exceptional knowledge and skills in addressing the unique needs of your very young students. You will learn that there are a myriad of techniques to teach alphabets, numbers, or counting, Psychology, human behavior, mental abilities and disorders, health, and the like are important subjects you need to get in-depth knowledge on.
  • Skills and other qualifications. A preschool teacher helps children learn through a fusion of approaches including but not limited to interactive activities, creative games, storytelling, music, arts, and visual aids. You must have the skills to incorporate these components in a manner that children will enjoy and understand. You must be at all times alert and enthusiastic as you are dealing with highly curious and active children. Patience and understanding are definitely two important ingredients that make an efficient teacher. You need to be fair and firm in practicing discipline and above all love your students as though they are your very own children. Remember that you play a huge role in the development of the kids hence you have to be devoted to your work to deliver exemplary results.
  • Continuing education. To supplement your certification and continue to provide quality learning, it is recommended to pursue continuing education, trainings, or workshops. This way you will also get updated about any modern methods of teaching or solutions to issues pertaining to your career.

Jobs for preschool teachers are expected to increase in the coming years. Hence, being a certified preschool teacher can be an ideal choice for anyone who loves working with children.


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