How To Become a Certified Resume Writer

If you have a talent for writing resumes and have been doing so on a professional level for over two years, you may want to consider becoming a certified resume writer. While you can indeed get work writing resumes without the certification, the fact is that more people will choose your resume writing services if you have the designation. Why? Becoming a certified resume writer means that you have passed rigorous tests and qualifications and says that you are the cream of the crop in the resume writing game. So how do you become a certified resume writer?

There are a number of designations that can qualify you as a certified resume writer, but perhaps the most common and well respected is the National Certified Resume Writer or NCRW certification. Here is how to go about obtaining your NCRW certification:

Step 1

Join the Resume Writers Association: A requirement to getting your NCRW certification is joining the Resume Writers Association. To do this you can go to their website and follow the instructions on becoming a member.

Step 2

Accumulate Continuing Education Credits: In order to qualify for your NCRW certification you must accumulate ten continuing education credits, or CEUs, three years prior to your certification. To find out what classifies as CEUs, check out the resources page of the Resume Writers Association's website.

Step 3

Study: Once your ten CEUs are completed you will be ready to purchase the NRWA study guide and well, study. The study guide will tell you everything that is to be expected and all that is required for the upcoming tests.

Step 4

Complete the course work: Once you have completed the coursework you will then have to apply to take the test and submit a resume and a cover letter. The guide will show you how to format both and you need to be sure that you follow the instruction in order to ensure qualification for the test.

Step 5

Take the tests: After you have studied the guide and you have applied and qualified to take the test, go for it. Once you pass you will successfully obtain your NCRW certification.

Step 6

Keep you certification current: Once you have your NCRW certification you must keep it current. This is accomplished by completing 15 CEUs every three years.

Again there are other certifications that can be obtained, but each certification carries different procedures. If you are really eager to become an accomplished resume writer you can always look into obtaining other designations as you go along in your career.

When you become a certified resume writer at any level you join an elite club of people who all had to go through the process that you will have to go through which as you can see is a lengthy one that requires patience and tenacity. Though the process may be somewhat daunting, the rewards will be worth it. Even if you think that you have a lot of clients now, just wait and see how those four letters at the end of your name will help bolster your reputation and your client list.

Jason Kay is a professional resume writer and regular contributor to, which provides job search tips, interview advice and resume writer reviews.

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