How To Become a Cisco Information Security Specialist

In today’s business world, information security is a hot topic, and a priority for all businesses.  Many businesses are looking to hire information technology professionals who can install, manage, and keep their networks secure.  Cisco information security specialists are individuals who are certified and trained to do just that.  This article will give you step, tips, and hints into how to become a Cisco information security specialist.
The first step in how to become a Cisco information security specialist is to get your education.  Becoming a Cisco information security specialist doesn’t necessarily require more than a high school equivalency degree, but the more education you receive, the more attractive of an applicant you will be.  After high school, you should attend a trade school, junior college, or four year university which offers a specialty in information technology.
Towards the end of your education, or after graduating, the next step in becoming a Cisco information security specialist is to obtain Cisco Certified Networking Associate certification.  This certification is required for anyone to become Cisco information security specialist, and will prove your ability to install and maintain internal networks.

Once you have received the Cisco Certified Networking Associate license, the next step in how to become a Cisco information security specialist is begin preparing for the Securing Network Devices (SND) exam.  Taking this exam is not cheap, and can only be taken one time, so preparing for the exam is vital.
To begin your preparation, you will want to reference the Cisco website for training information that will help you pass the 642-552 SND labeled exam.  The Cisco website may offer practice exams, and online tutorials which you may find beneficial.  After thoroughly studying the Securing Network Device study guides, and reviewing all necessary training standard, the next step in how to become a Cisco information security specialist is to register for the SND exam.  If you have properly prepared for the SND exam, passing it will not be difficult.
After passing the hour long written SND exam, you will be fully certified as a Cisco information security specialist.  At this point, you should be an attractive option for many employers to help set up, maintain, and secure both LAN and WAN networks.  When looking for a job, it will initially be beneficial for you to work for a large company who is constantly updating their network.  This will land you in a stable position, and will provide you with a significant amount of experience.
While you are working as a Cisco information security specialist, you should continue your education.  Information security is constantly being improved and perfected, so to make yourself more marketable, you should attend relevant conferences and receive new certifications as they come out.


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